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The Best Budget Air Conditioners

4 minute read

By Heather Fishel

Do you think air conditioning is way out of your budget? You aren’t alone – most people assume that air conditioning is a luxury that’s too expensive to enjoy. But there are affordable options, like smaller air conditioning units and devices that are budget-friendly. And you can find them online if you search for them.

Air conditioning can be much more affordable than you think. From window AC units to portable cooling systems, you can escape the heat with air conditioning. You just have to know where to look. Search online to find AC units that fit your budget and cooling needs.

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Check out the following budget-friendly air conditioners that can help you stay cool all year long.

Costway Portable Air Cooler

Best For: Anyone who wants flexible cooling that can be moved from room to room and doesn’t need the full power of traditional AC units.

Price: $199¹


CCH Portable Air Conditioner

Best For: Anyone who needs to cool down smaller spaces, like apartments or single rooms.

Price: $273.91²


GE Mechanical Room Air Conditioner

Best For: Anyone who has just a single room to cool and wants the cooling power of a traditional AC system in a compact, budget-friendly model.

Price: $164³


Premium Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Best For: Cooling larger rooms or living spaces with plenty of power, like a traditional vented AC system.

Price: $754.44, or $126 per month for six months with Home Depot financing⁴.


TCL White Window Air Conditioner with Remote

Best For: Cooling a single room efficiently with an AC unit that’ll help you prevent a sky-high energy bill.

Price: $194⁵


Shop for an Affordable Air Conditioner Now

Cool, brisk air conditioning doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. While an AC system is a dream to have, you can efficiently and effectively cool down your rooms, your living space, and more with a smaller air conditioner at an affordable price. You don’t have to spend much to get relief from the hottest days of the year – you just need the right budget-friendly AC unit.

And there are plenty of affordable AC options available. You just need to search online for them. You can find everything from portable AC units to window units to ductless systems, all at various price points. And if you search for discounts, deals, and special offers, you can get a quality air conditioner that fits your budget. Make sure to do your research and search for air conditioners online before the weather really heats up.

Heather Fishel