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The Best Natural Deodorants for Australians

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By natadm

Body odour is unpleasant and tends to come with the territory of living in the year-round Australian heat. That’s why using a deodorant everyday is an essential way to stay fresh throughout the day. But some products use harsh ingredients that aren’t so healthy for your skin.

Natural deodorants are becoming more popular for people who want to curb body odour without using harmful ingredients. Besides odour control, there are more perks to natural deodorants that are worth checking out.

Here are five of the best natural deodorants available in Australia.

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1. Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste Original

Price: $18.50

The founder behind this Aussie company¹ started as a consumer wanting to find products that didn’t irritate their skin. This led to the conception of Black Chicken Remedies, a company that provides a wide variety of products naturally formulated to improve their customer’s many needs through healthy skincare.

One of the brand’s most trusted products is the Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste². It’s suitable for all skin types and neutralises odour for all-day protection. It doesn’t contain aluminum, which is an ingredient typically found in antiperspirants that blocks your pores³ and unnaturally stops you from sweating. Instead of modifying natural bodily functions, this deodorant will prevent you from smelling throughout the day. 

Each of its natural ingredients serve a purpose: the organic coconut oil neutralises odour, tapioca powder absorbs moisture and clove essential acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory potent. They also offer a similar product for that’s Bicarb-free and specifically formulated to sooth and strengthen extra sensitive skin.

2. No Pong All Natural Anti Odourant

Price: $5.95

Some companies overpromise results for their products, but No Pong is an all natural Australian brand that actually delivers. The All Natural Anti Odourant bicarb based deodorant made to keep you feeling fresh for up to 12 hours. It’s aluminum, triclosan and paraben-free which means people with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about reacting to the formula.

If your skin is extra sensitive, you can also try the bicarb -free and low fragrance version. It’s similar to the original anti odourant, but is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. The deodorant applies like a lotion for your underarms. 

It’s delivered in a 35 gram tin that will provide at least one month’s worth of product, at an affordable price. You can choose to reorder it each time you run low or purchase a subscription will automatically deliver it to you each month. No Pong is also trying to lower its carbon footprint by encouraging their customers to return their tins for reusing, rather than throwing it out in the trash.

3. Sukin Natural Deodorant

Price: $6.95

Sukin Natural is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand that was founded in 2007. This Australian company is carbon neutral and has offset more than 45,000 tonnes of carbon over 10 years. It’s one of the few companies that leaves no threatening impact on the earth, making it a sustainable brand you can feel guilt-free about investing.

The company’s ethical practices translate to their products. Their natural deodorant was deemed the Best Natural Deodorant winner for beautyhaven’s Glosscar Awards in 2019.

The Sukin natural deodorant contains no synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or harsh ingredients that can hurt your skin. Zinc and essential oils in the product prevent your skin from developing bacteria and feel refreshed. If you shave your armpits, the blend of aloe vera and other soothing ingredients work to cool your skin.

4. Kai Deodorant

Price: $37

Kai started out as a fragrance brand before branching out to become its own business. They offer a wide variety of cruelty-free and vegan skincare products that avoid using harsh ingredients. This allows consumers with sensitive skin to use their products without developing a bad reaction.

The Kai deodorant uses its natural blend of vitamin E, chamomile and plant extracts to control moisture and feel dry throughout the day. It also provides a subtle scent of freshness that even people with sensitive skin can enjoy. This aluminum-free deodorant is also environmentally conscious, with recyclable packaging being used for this product.

5. Grants Aloe Vera Crystal Deodorant

Price: $9.50

Grants is an Australian company that started with a mission to find toothpaste without fluoride as an ingredient. Since 1983, the company has worked on developing plenty of natural products targeted for health-conscious consumers at affordable prices.

They started working on deodorant products in 1995. There are two types available on their website, one of them being Aloe Vera Crystal Deodorant. It’s formed with natural minerals to help control body odour. It’s simply made with three ingredients: mineral salts, glycerin and aloe vera. 

The deodorant is safe for people with sensitive skin because it’s unscented, hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain aluminum chlorohydrate. You can use this product on any part of the body to prevent odour by just wetting the crystal before applying.




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