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The Best Places to Find Senior Housing

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By Heather Fishel

Trying to find senior housing is difficult. There are so many options, from senior living arrangements to senior apartments to retirement communities. And there are millions of seniors trying to find affordable housing right now. Fortunately, there are places online that specialize in helping seniors find housing options.

Finding the right senior living choice for yourself or a loved one doesn’t have to be daunting. All it takes is an online search to find places that’ll help you sort through all of your options and make an informed decision.

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Below, you’ll find some of the top places that can help you find senior housing for any need and any budget. features a vast directory of available senior housing. More than 430,000 seniors have used this database to find living communities and housing options – and it’s quickly becoming a leader in helping seniors find long-term care¹.

You can browse more than 80,000 senior communities, getting detailed information about each one with photos, ratings from family members, insight from local experts, and so much more². The directory also breaks down the monthly costs, amenities, and health care provided at each senior living option.

If you’d like, you can conduct your own research and consider all of the options available in your local area. Or, for a more customized approach, you can work with a advisor who’s local to your area. Your advisor will help you determine the level of care needed, the financial options available, and set up tours for places you’re interested in.

As one of the best-known senior care resources online, offers a wealth of helpful, easy-to-understand information regarding senior housing. It’s currently the largest assisted living referral service – but this company will also provide seniors and their families with help finding any kind of housing needed³. is highly rated and very reputable. You can either speak with a trained local advisor – for free – over the phone, or you can check out the vast selection of available senior housing listings online on your own⁴. Advisors are quick to return phone calls, offer advice, and will suggest helpful resources local to your area.

You can find everything from 55+ senior apartments to senior communities to nursing homes at And throughout the search process, the site and its advisors will offer guidance, help, and support for seniors and their entire families. is designed to help those who are caring for aging loved ones. Part informative resource and part senior housing resource, will help anyone find quality senior care. You can search for senior housing for any needs. This site allows you to search locally and narrow down your options based on the type of housing you’d like or a senior’s specific health conditions. offers a wealth of resources to support you during the search for senior housing. The database provides detailed information and overviews of each property, including the costs, the level of care, and factors to consider⁵. You can browse articles and other informative content, including a Caregiver Wellness Solution Center that offers support specifically for those caring for aging adults.

Overall, there’s a wealth of information available at to help make the senior housing search simply. You can find senior living communities, in-home care, and other customizable options. From photos to contact information for senior care agencies, you’ll be able to browse thousands of local listings. And they’re all suited specifically for your loved one’s needs or wants.

No matter what kind of senior housing you need, you’ll find it with the help of This vast database of more than 49,000 senior living options simplifies your search for independent living communities, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, home care, and even low-income senior housing⁶.

The search starts with the Senior Care Assessment Tool⁷. This helpful tool narrows down the specific kinds of housing that’ll best suit your needs or your loved one’s needs. You can consider active and social lifestyle needs, health care and quality, and different types of housing arrangements. The goal of is to help seniors thrive in their housing environments, regardless of age or physical needs.

Additionally, gives you as much help as you’d like. You can search for and browse local senior living options via the site directory. Or, you can enlist the help of a Family Advisor. They will discuss your specific situation, help narrow down your options, and provide a wealth of information on different kinds of senior housing. From reviews from current residents to family insight, can offer invaluable information. is a huge database of senior living options. With housing information that’s focused on communities for 55+ residents and retirees as well as assisted living, can suggest housing options for two of seniors’ primary needs. Whether you’re looking for a 55+ apartment or an all-inclusive retirement community, this database can help you find it.

As a partner of, offers the latest listings for both senior living communities and apartment housing⁸. This site includes listings for all senior care levels, including nursing homes. However, it’s best suited for those seeking an independent living arrangement. You can browse thousands of listings, search for specific types of housing, and utilize special online tools to simplify your search. also provides a number of guides and online resources for seniors or caregivers who are looking to learn more about senior housing of every kind. With a wide array of senior living guides, you can do easy research to learn about each type of housing, amenities, pros and cons, and care offered at each level of housing.

Start Your Search for Senior Housing Today

Finding senior housing takes time. But it no longer needs to be difficult. Thanks to online resources like those mentioned here, you can simplify the process. You can even get personalized, local help to narrow down your options and find the right fit. These resources can help make sure you’re choosing quality, reputable senior housing.

But this is just a sample of the help that’s available online. If you search online yourself, you can find plenty of other options and senior housing listings. You can start searching right now for the perfect place to call home. From assisted living and nursing homes to 55+ apartments and retirement communities, it’s all available online.

Heather Fishel