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The Cost of Tree Removal in 2023 May Be Lower Than You Think

4 minute read

By Christopher Brown

It’s not going to fix itself. That broken, dead, and dying tree is an eyesore of epic proportions. More than that, delaying its removal could put your financial security and physical safety at risk. Dead trees are only ever one big gust of wind away from a much more serious problem.

Hiring a professional to visit your property and deal with your problematic tree for good isn’t as expensive as you might think. The upfront costs associated with professional tree removal certainly pale in comparison to the cost of rebuilding your roof or buying a new car. Today, we’re going to discuss all things tree removal to help keep you, your budget, and your family protected.

Shutterstock: Leonard Zhukovsky

Why Tree Removal is Important

Homeowners are used to replacing water heaters, patching up roofs, and tackling plumbing problems. But you might get a different reaction when you bring up the topic of tree removal. Most people assume that the upfront cost of removing a tree is best spent elsewhere, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Keeping a tree that should be removed is dangerous, and could cost you lots more in the long run. Some of the most persuasive arguments in favor of professional tree removal include:

Safety is the primary concern, but more space and a curb appeal boost are always welcome.

When You Should Consider Tree Removal

There are lots of reasons to consider hiring a pro to remove a tree from your property. You may want more room, less leaves and droppings, or a better view. Aesthetics aside, troublesome trees can pose a risk of injury or property damage.

Here are just a few of reasons to consider removing a tree:

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The average cost of a professional tree removal service is $1,200.1 But don’t run away just yet. That’s an average cost, which doesn’t take your specific needs into account. Tree removal costs are lower than most people think, with prices starting as low as $200 per tree. Costs can rise and fall based on a variety of factors, like:

Tree type. Not all trees are created equal. Some are denser, and harder to cut down.

Tree height. The taller the tree, the more expensive it’ll cost to take down.

Urgency. Expect to pay a premium for emergency tree removal. All the more reason to be proactive and remove troublesome trees before they evolve into an emergency.

Accessibility. Tree removal companies will charge more to remove trees that are difficult to get to, or require special equipment to remove.

Fallen trees need to be removed too, though that’s a lot less complicated and much cheaper than removing a standing one. The cost depends on the size of the fallen tree, but you should be ready to pay between $90 and $300 to have a pro remove it from your property.2

Additional Costs to Consider

The bill for the tree removal company might not be the only one you need to budget for. Every tree is different, and your needs might require additional help. Additional costs to consider include:

You might not need any of these services, but it’s always important to account for any additional costs before committing to any new project.

Low Cost Alternatives

Just because a tree is causing you problems now, doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be removed. By looking at low cost alternatives, you could save the tree and a little bit of money. With the help of a professional arborist, you could avoid the cost and time commitment of tree removal altogether.

An arborist can diagnose, and may be able to help treat tree problems, in a way that could be more cost effective than full-on removal. They can identify and cut back dead branches, rot, and poorly structured limbs to help protect the integrity of your tree. Arborists cost around $75 an hour, which is a small price to pay to save your favorite tree!6

Get it Gone For Good!

Few things drive down the curb appeal of an otherwise incredible home than an unsafe and unseemly tree. Thankfully, tree removal services are widely available and incredibly affordable. Make a phone call, book an appointment, and have your tree gone for good in a matter of days. It really is that simple.

Whatever you do, don’t try to remove it yourself. Tree removal is dangerous work, and can only be done safely and reliably with the right expertise and the right tools. You shouldn’t push the work off another week either. Get it done right, and get it done soon, to minimize your financial and physical risk.

Christopher Brown