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The Summer Storage Unit Offers You Want To Take Advantage Of

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By Chelsea Dolan

If you’re considering renting a storage unit, now might be the perfect time. Businesses are renting to customers with enticing discounts, and you could save as much as 35 percent.¹ It’s a competitive market for storage businesses to score you as a customer, and that gives you the upper hand in finding one that can give you the best price and experience. To see what storage unit offers are available in your area, start an online search.

Whether you’re looking for a big or small storage unit, there are tons of affordable options out there. You can search online to find money-saving deals at a local storage company near you.

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Why Storage Units Are a Lifesaver

It’s normal to start outgrowing your living space, but not everyone can afford to just move into a bigger home. This is one scenario where renting a storage unit comes in handy. Having that extra space to store your things can act as an extension from your home and help your life feel a lot less cluttered.

Maybe you have some old furniture that you want to keep but don’t have room for, or there are boxes of seasonal items you don’t need year-round. There’s no use in having these items sitting around when it could be safely stored for use later at a trusted facility.

You might need a storage unit if you:

Another reason to consider renting a storage unit is for guaranteed security.² Having a ton of personal items and technology at home makes you vulnerable to theft or break-ins, especially if you don’t have security measures in place. Luckily, storage units are well secured. It’s not unusual for the premises to have gated entry, surveillance cameras, exterior lighting, and even security guards as a means to reduce theft.

Take Advantage of Summer Deals for Affordable Storage Unit Pricing

The price of a storage unit rental is determined by three main factors: size, location, and how long you want to rent it for. The average cost of a standard rental unit can range from $60 to $180.³ For a climate-controlled storage unit, it averages from $75 to $225 monthly. Depending on the deals you find, you could end up paying a lot less.

The rates could be cheaper especially for those who book them online. For example, you can save $80 on a large unit near Los Angeles simply by going online and booking the web rate.⁴ At the same facility, you could also pay just $27 monthly on a month-to-month rental.

One end-of-summer sale is happening at Life Storage. Its Labor Day sale event is giving customers up to one month free on eligible spaces when you call or rent online.⁵ And with Public Storage, you could pay just one dollar on your first month’s rent and get 30 percent off simply by booking through their website.⁶

In addition to checking out online sales, there are some easy ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal on a storage unit. One key thing to remember is to prevent your storage unit from becoming a big garbage bin and only store the good stuff. That way, it won’t feel like you were just hoarding junk when the time comes to do something with it.

Some other strategies to keep in mind are:

Not only can you take advantage of low prices, but look for businesses that offer a hassle-free experience. This includes free and no obligation reservations, convenient access hours, no contract, and month-to-month rentals.

Search Online for Storage Unit Deals Near You

With over 50,0000 self storage facilities in the country, you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing where you should store your things.⁷ Take the time to research current deals and don’t be afraid to negotiate. If a company won’t budge on price or offer some type of incentive, there are plenty of other locations where you can take your business.

Before booking a storage unit, be sure to carefully evaluate the amount of space needed so you don’t end up overpaying for unused space. Compare a few storage facilities near you to find out which has the best prices. You might be able to save money simply by booking your rental online.

Chelsea Dolan