The Technology That’s Running Landline Companies Out of Business

If you’re still using a landline telephone service, you’re stuck in the past–and you’re wasting money. Here’s the new technology you need to know.

Landline telephones are obsolete, outdated, and overpriced. People began abandoning their landline phone service for voIP years ago, but now millions more are realizing they’re behind the times.

What’s worse, a landline phone costs way too much money. You’re paying far too much for every minute of every domestic and international phone call.

Stop suffering expensive per-minute phone call fees and leave your landline behind: you need VoIP. VoIP has put hundreds of dollars (or more!) back into the pockets of consumers and businesses.

What is This Innovative Technology?

VoIP, or Voice-over Internet Protocol, is a phone service that uses the same technology as your computer. Just like your computer connects to other computers over the Internet, VoIP connects telephones to one another.

Of course, the intricate details of VoIP are far more technical than this, but you don’t need the complicated specifics. Your experience stays the same. You’ll make calls like normal, using an Internet connection rather than a physical landline.

With VoIP, you’ll have the same experience as that of any other telephone user–but for a far lower price.

You can switch to VoIP right now. If you have Spectrum, Comcast, or one of the other major cable and internet companies in North America, you have the option for VoIP service now.

In fact, you’re already set up for VoIP without even realizing it: your internet company has bundled it with your television and Internet services since everything comes over the same fiber optic cable.

Many people who don’t know what VoIP is reject this service–this cheaper, more modern service.

Don’t be one of those uninformed individuals; replace your landline with the improved quality and reliability of VoIP. Don’t miss on phone service that’s the same, if not better.

How Much Can VoIP Save You?

Landline phones require special equipment and setup. Making a call uses a physical line to connect two people’s phones. All of this is what makes placing a simple telephone call so expensive.

VoIP eliminates the cost, the hardware, and the complications of landline phones. All you need to place a VoIP call is an Internet connection and a computer. So, every single VoIP call is immediately more affordable.

Studies show that switching to VoIP can save you up to 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls. In fact, businesses that use VoIP can even make long distance calls for free.

Here are the hard numbers: international calls start at $0.05 per minute on a landline and at $0.01 per minute with VoIP. If you make regular phone calls to London, Paris, or Mexico City, VoIP could save you hundreds.

Why would you continue to waste money? VoIP is an easy, affordable option.

VoIP is becoming increasingly popular. Make the switch today and start saving immediately on your phone bill. This technology can connect you to anyone anywhere in the world–and it does so for $100s of dollars less.

Cut the cost of your landline and stop overpaying for every phone call you make. If it’s savings you seek, VoIP might be the solution for you.

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Featured Tip

Considering cutting the cable cord? You aren’t alone. By the start of 2018, 22 million people had already ditched their cable companies according to Variety.