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The Top 4 Travel Destinations for Seniors

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By natadm

Planning a vacation can take time and effort, especially if you’re searching for a destination that’s best suited for those over age 50. Seniors want entirely different things out of their vacations, and they don’t want to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of tourists, families, and crowds.

If you’re looking for the perfect senior vacation, you need to know which locations are the most friendly for travelers age 50-plus. Here are the top four travel destinations seniors won’t want to miss.

1. Alaska

Looking for an exotic, faraway travel destination that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences? Head to Alaska.

Incredibly beautiful and filled with experiences and sights you can’t find anywhere else, Alaska is becoming an increasingly popular destination for seniors. You don’t need a passport to visit, and you can choose your level of adventure. Want to explore waterfalls and hike underneath eagles on Alaska’s storied hiking trails? You can do exactly that. Need a more relaxing adventure that lets you see whales, sea otters, and incredible glaciers? You can catch these unique opportunities too.

Many retirees choose to take an Alaskan cruise. This provides the perfect chance to visit all of Alaska’s sights and experiences, all without leaving the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship filled with food and opportunities to relax.

2. Miami Beach, Florida

Florida has long been a popular destination for seniors – but that doesn’t mean it’s a tired or boring place to travel. In fact, many seniors are heading to Miami Beach, the home of Florida’s famed hotels, nightclubs, and beachside activities.

Miami Beach is a great destination for seniors because it offers a little of everything. The city is packed with culture, offering unique opportunities to experience museums, artwork, and food from Florida as well as Puerto Rico and Cuba. The beaches are truly picturesque, offering seniors the chance to relax from hotel balconies or right on the beach alongside the waves.

If you’re looking for some laid-back adventures, Miami Beach is also home to luxurious hotels, plenty of shopping destinations, and even beautiful sights like botanical gardens. You can be as active or as laid back as you’d like in Miami – and the weather will be warm year-round too.

3. Tuscany, Italy

Italy is quite the destination for travelers of any age. With an entire country of history and incredible sights to explore, it’s no surprise Italy is one of the most popular travel spots right now. But for seniors, the best place to visit is Tuscany.

Tuscany combines the best of Italy, offering stunning landscapes and views along with history and one-of-a-kind experiences. Home to Italy’s renowned wines, seniors can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, experience Florence, and enjoy Tuscany’s delicious cuisine – and Tuscany is actually an affordable international destination.

U.S. News¹ reports that more and more seniors are choosing Italy as their vacation, with as many as 12 percent of seniors planning trips to Italy in the coming months. From relaxation among vineyards to casual strolls through historic streets, Tuscany has it all.

4. Sedona, Arizona

Another popular warm-weather destination for seniors is Arizona. The warm desert offers plenty of places to visit, from spas and resorts to historic locations. Specifically, Sedona, Arizona is home to plenty of amazing sights and senior-friendly activities.

Sedona is just a short drive from Phoenix, Arizona, and it’s located in a stunningly beautiful piece of the desert. Surrounded by colorful natural rock formations and scenery that’ll surprise you at every turn, Sedona is the perfect place for seniors who want to hike, explore, and take it easy. You can enjoy Jeep tours, bird watching, sightseeing at Native American locations, and so much more, all while staying warm.

As U.S. News² reports, it’s such a great destination that 8 percent of seniors are heading to Arizona for vacations. You’ll love the sunny days and warm nights, as well as the natural beauty of Sedona, no matter what time of year you visit.

Book a Senior-Friendly Getaway Today

No matter your age, the perfect destination – and the perfect vacation – is waiting. There’s no need to worry about raucous travelers or tourist spots packed with families; when you travel to destinations like those mentioned above, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy activities suited for your interests.

If you’re ready to plan the perfect getaway, the key to finding the perfect senior getaway is doing your research. You’ll be able to search for and read about different senior-friendly destinations and resorts, read other seniors’ reviews about each destination, and view different prices and rates. You should also make sure to take the time to compare pricing – that’s the best way to book your favorite travel spot for the lowest possible price.