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These Low-Cost Pools Are Perfect to Kick Off Summer at Home

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By Heather Fishel

A swimming pool is the perfect way to stay cool, entertain, and have fun during the summer. But many homeowners don’t have pools – or can’t afford to build them. With the average cost of an in-ground pool ranging from $28,000 to as much as $55,000¹, a traditional pool is a huge expense. And that cost doesn’t even include regular maintenance.

But there are other options. As the days start getting hotter, you don’t have to stay stuck inside. You can enjoy a pool of your own with a temporary, affordable option. And plenty of retailers offer low-cost, easy-to-setup pools you can put in any backyard priced at a fraction of the cost of a traditional swimming pool.

Ozgur Coskun / Shutterstock

Why spend the summer sweating indoors? It’s time to consider getting an affordable pool that you can enjoy right in your yard, without spending thousands of dollars.

Cheap Pool Options

An in-ground swimming pool is typically what comes to mind when you think about pools. But these aren’t the only kinds of pools. There are plenty of other options – and some are even priced under $100. You can enjoy all of the same warm weather fun as you would with an in-ground pool for much, much less.

And popular retailers like Target, Amazon, and Walmart all offer different types of budget-friendly above-ground pools. The following are just a few cheap options that’ll keep you cool:

There are plenty of different types of pools to choose from. Two of the most popular options are inflatable pools and framed pools.

Inflatable Pools (As Low As $19)

Inflatable pools are the cheapest, most budget-friendly option you can buy when it comes to pools. These pools can be set up in just minutes, and you can cool down any time, in any size space.

Inflatable pools also offer a number of benefits. Since they’re smaller in size, they require less water and are more eco-friendly⁷. They can be moved as needed, as they’re lightweight and flexible. And you can really set them up anywhere, even if you don’t have a spacious backyard.

And you can find inflatable pools for as little as $19⁸. Inflatable swimming pools come in every size and shape, meaning it’s easy to find an option for your outdoor space and your needs, whether you have kids or a family of adults.

Framed Pools (As Low As $279)

Framed pools are another style of above-ground pool. Though they cost more than an inflatable pool, they also offer more stability and sturdiness. A framed pool can also be significantly bigger in size.

Framed pools offer great value for their cost. You can easily set up the pool, have enough room to swim and play, and take it down at the end of the summer. The framed structure prevents issues like leaks or pops, and sides are very sturdy.

And you could find a framed pool for as low as $279⁹. With options like Target’s monthly payment plan through Affirm, you could pay just over $25 per month to enjoy your own pool10.

Keep Cool This Summer With an Affordable Home Pool

If you can’t head to the beach or a local swimming pool this summer, you don’t have to feel trapped at home. You can easily cool down and have fun with a pool of your own, right in your backyard. And you don’t have to take on the high costs and construction projects that come with an in-ground pool.

With affordable, easy-to-setup options like inflatable pools or framed above-ground pools, you can enjoy a pool of your very own. Both of these types of pools are flexible, and you don’t have to leave them in place all year round. You can put them away at the end of each summer, meaning you don’t have long-term pool maintenance or its costs to worry about. Whenever sunny days appear, you can set up one of these pools and use it as much as you’d like.

You may even be able to save some money by shopping around before you buy. As the weather gets warmer and summer is underway, you’ll want to search for sales, discounts, and lower prices online. Retailers often offer deals on summer products like pools once they’re in demand. So, make sure you research, shop, and compare. It could help you make an already budget-friendly pool even more affordable.

Heather Fishel