This Year’s Best Cloud Storage Solutions

If you’re technically savvy at all, you’ve probably heard of cloud storage. These days, it’s no secret. In fact, for most people, it is an absolute necessity. But what you might not know is that prices are plummeting on cloud service subscription prices.

Why, you ask? Because these services are in such high demand, yet so many companies are also competing to be the very best in one thing – security.

So, to satisfy the demand and to pull customers, these services keep lowering and lowering monthly costs so that people choose their product over the next.

How Do You Find the Best Deals on Cloud Storage?

Joining a cloud service provider has never been easier, usually only requiring an email. But, to find the best cloud storage deals, you must do your research. Most sites don’t post their deals on their sites, but if you dig around the internet, they are not hard to find (find deals and discounts at bottom).

Which Services Are the Best?

The hardest part of using cloud storage is picking the right service for you. Needs can change whether you are looking to store your family’s memories to organize terabytes of video footage. These are the most secure and best designed services we have found.

1. DropBox – Like most top-notch cloud subscription services where you’ll drop a few bucks (there’s free options if you don’t have much data), DropBox also serves as a file backup and recover service in a way many of the free cloud services do not.

2. Box – Not to be confused with competitor Dropbox, Box, is a no-frills, cloud storage tool offering free accounts that are five times larger than its competitor. Although you’re limited to uploading files that are 250MB, which probably scares certain segments of the market away, users are given a 10GB account when they, sign-up with the service.

3. Amazon Web Services – If you are security-minded above all else, Amazon is one of the the experts’ top pick for the cloud service with the strongest security. If the other cloud storage services are like bank vaults, Amazon is like Fort Knox and has a long list of certifications to prove it.

Here’s how people are getting started:

Don’t overpay for these services. Start a search to see up-to-date pricing.

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