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Top 5 Places to Buy Event Tickets Online for Cheap

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By natadm

Concerts, shows, sports games, and other live events are so much fun. They give you a chance to enjoy and admire talented entertainers and athletes, and as part of the crowd, you’re surrounded by the enthusiasm of everyone around you.

These exciting events are usually expensive – but they don’t have to be. There are ways to buy tickets online at a discount and sometimes even for free. Here are five sites that can help you find cheap tickets for live events.

1. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is a well-known site for concerts, theatrical performances, and sports games.

Easy to navigate, Ticketmaster makes it easy to browse different types of events, find tickets, and scout current deals. The site even contains a section dedicated to special deals. On Ticketmaster, you’ll often find offers like:

And when you click on a specific event, Ticketmaster will show you any deals available for it at the present time.

Another benefit Ticketmaster offers is verification of fan-to-fan sales. If you’re buying tickets from people who’ve had to change their plans, you get receive reassurance that your ticket correctly matches the seat and you haven’t wasted money on it.

Just be sure to watch out for the potential service fees and facility charges attached to a ticket transaction. These differ depending on the ticket, so before making a payment, review the checkout page for any fees.

2. TickPick

TickPick specializes in the secondary market for tickets, which involves ticket resales. The main tickets you’ll find through TickPick are for major league sports and concerts. The benefits of using TickPick include perks like mobile ticketing, an easy-to-use app, and a no fee guarantee.

The best reason to buy tickets from TickPick is the site’s auction feature. You have the chance to bid on tickets and set your own price, if you don’t want to pay what a reseller is suggesting as a purchase price. Pick the highest – or lowest – price you’re willing to pay, and bid against other users to score a low price. Additionally, if you’re trying to figure out which tickets are truly worth their price tag, you’ll love TickPick’s ticket-rating algorithms. These evaluate the quality of the ticket based on its price and the seating placement, giving you a good idea about whether a ticket is worth buying.

Although there aren’t any fees for buyers, it’s important to note you aren’t guaranteed cheaper tickets through TickPick. For a given event, the price may still be high.

3. SeatGeek

The event ticket search engine at the SeatGeek website aggregates information from a large number of ticket resellers to show you a wide range of seating options and prices for sports games, musicals, comedy shows, concerts, and other popular events.

Along with ranking the quality of the ticket, which gives you an indication of whether you’re getting a good deal, SeatGeek clearly displays where your seat will be located. The site and mobile apps have a clean layout and are easy to use, making finding the perfect ticket easy no matter where you are.

When evaluating available tickets, you can search for tickets by their base price or by base price combined with service fees. Before you even initiate the checkout process, you’ll get a clear idea of how much money you’re paying.

Ticket prices can range from amazingly cheap to prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, the variety of choices increases the chances that you’ll find affordable tickets.

4. Groupon

You may be able to find excellent deals for live events through Groupon. Among the many events featured on the site are football games, festivals, dance parties, musical performances, wrestling matches, and shows at local clubs and theaters.

Groupon has a sprawling site full of deals and coupons – and ticket discounts can be surprisingly steep. For example, you may be able to buy tickets at 40 percent to 80 percent off the original price.

Be sure to carefully review the details for each discount and understand the limitations:

5. Eventbrite

One of the major advantages of Eventbrite is you can find many free or low-cost events. This site isn’t only for big-name concerts or popular sporting events; it’s also a place for smaller, more regional events. You’ll even find free tickets for free events, letting you reserve your spot at a venue without paying anything.

Eventbrite has extensive listings of concerts, dance parties, lectures, festivals, and other local activities. Eventbrite offers recommendations for upcoming events in your area. You can also use their search bar to find the specific kinds of events you prefer. For some events, though, the tickets won’t be available through Eventbrite. You’ll be directed to another ticket-selling site.

Make sure to read the event details carefully. Some events are listed as free, but you may still have to pay for something at the venue. Other events really are completely free.

Which Site Is Best for You?

The five sites listed here are good places to start in your search for affordable tickets. However, there may be other sites that specialize in certain kinds of events or better serve your needs in other ways.

Regardless of which site you choose, make sure you’re getting the best deal on tickets for any event, from sports to concerts to comedy, by comparing prices and visiting a few different sites to find the biggest discounts. Each website offers different pricing – and sometimes, you can even set your own price. So if you’re looking to save, you simply need to look before settling on a single ticket price.

Like anything, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest research. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Doing a search online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.