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Top 10 Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

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By Chelsea Dolan

One of the most important things to lock down when you’re moving to a new country is a job. If you’re looking to make the move to Canada, there are plenty of jobs available for skilled workers. The country welcomes hundreds of thousands of permanent residents each year and relies on immigrants to help the economy flourish.¹ From work from home jobs to labor jobs to freelance jobs, there are plenty of options when it comes to working in Canada.

Canada is experiencing labor shortages in various fields. This is a great opportunity for future immigrants with certain work histories.

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Here are some of the top job opportunities in Canada for immigrants.


One job that is needed across all industries are accountants. These professionals are needed to perform tasks related to keeping and interpreting financial records. Considering how all types of businesses require this type of financial accountability, there are plenty of accounting jobs to apply for in Canada.

Accountants in Canada can earn a median wage of $35.75 per hour, but more experienced individuals may earn up to $60 per hour.² Job prospects are also good for most parts of the country. Just keep in mind that you will need to get a certification from a regulatory authority to be eligible to work.


Those seeking caregiver jobs in Canada can look into nannying. This job allows you to provide care for children, either on a short-term or ongoing basis. Nannies can be assigned to families through an agency or be self-employed depending on their qualifications.

A number of job related factors will vary depending on where you work as a nanny in Canada, such as wages and job prospects.³ As for job requirements, this can also vary. Some employers may require a high school diploma, some type of training program completion, or first aid certification.

Data Analyst

If you’re someone with a background in computer science, then you could potentially work as a data analyst. These professionals are responsible for designing, developing, and administering data management solutions using database management software.

Data analyst jobs pay a median wage of $37.50 per hour in Canada.⁴ Most employers will need you to have a bachelor’s degree and some computer programming experience, but there aren’t any sort of professional certification requirements to be aware of.

Business Consultant

Looking for a business job when you make the move to Canada? Then consulting might be something you’re interested in. This job involves analyzing the structure, operations and managerial methods of various businesses and organizations.

Consultants can make anywhere from $25 to $60 per hour depending on your expertise and the employer. It’s estimated that there will be over 59,000 consultant jobs available between 2019 and 2028. In the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, you will need to get a certification by a regulated authority before you can start working.5


There is no shortage of healthcare jobs in Canada, especially when it comes to registered nurses. Between 2019 and 2028, the country is expected to have over 191,000 job openings and not enough people to fulfill these roles.6 This potential labor shortage results in good job prospects across the country.

Registered nurses can earn a median wage of $40 per hour in Canada. In addition to passing a registered nursing program, job seekers will need to be certified by a regulated authority in the province or territory you work in.

Furniture Movers

Not only is skilled labor needed in Canada, but there are non-skilled jobs available to apply for as well. This includes being a professional mover.7 You can get a job moving furniture from one location to another, handling items with care, and engaging with customers.

This is a physical job that also may require you to operate loading devices and driving vehicles. According to, mover jobs pay an average salary of $34,125.8 You may have to be flexible with your working hours and have full-time availability to be hired at moving companies.


If you’re looking to get into trades after moving to Canada, then becoming a plumber is a safe bet. Plumbing jobs pay a median wage of $31 per hour, though some professionals can earn as much as $42 hourly depending on their location and level of expertise.

It’s expected that 9,300 plumbing jobs will be available to job seekers between 2019 and 2028. In addition to earning the right skills through an apprenticeship, plumbers must get certified by a regulated authority before they can work.9

Computer Programmer

Developer jobs are perfect for immigrants with a background in computer science. One job you might want to consider is computer programming. It’s estimated that a labor shortage for computer programmers will occur at a national level until 2028.10 This means you have good odds at getting a job in most parts of the country.

The wages for computer programmers can range depending on where you work and your level of experience. The median wage is $38.46 per hour, but some professionals can earn as much as $57.69 per hour.

On-Campus Jobs

One of the best ways for international students to enter the job market upon moving to Canada is directly through their campus. Full-time post secondary students are eligible to work during their time as a student. The on-campus employer could be the school, a faculty member, or even a student organization.11

There are plenty of student jobs you can work on a part-time basis. Some examples include being a tour guide, teaching assistant, campus store associate, resident assistant and more.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are responsible for supporting businesses and entrepreneurs with various tasks.12 Some examples may include admin work, scheduling, social media posting, and more. Along with the potential for flexible scheduling, another perk to this job is how those with no experience could receive on-the-job training depending on the employer.

Online jobs like this are perfect for individuals who want the option to work from home. According to Indeed, virtual assistant jobs pay an average base salary of $20.79 an hour.13

Work Permit

Canada has two different work permits available to international folks.14 There is an open work permit, which allows you to work for any eligible employer. This is an option for students, people who applied for permanent residence in Canada, temporary resident permit holders, and several other types of qualifying individuals.

Another work permit you may look into is an employer-specific work permit. This is for people who are hired by Canadian employers and have completed all the required steps to legally work. Start a search online to find out which work permit you qualify for.

International Experience Canada

Alternatively, you can get working in Canada through International Experience Canada (IEC).15 This gives international youth the opportunity to travel and work in the country for up to two years. There are three different kinds of work and travel experiences available through the IEC:

Fees to apply to this program start at $156 and can take about eight weeks to process. Learn more about obtaining work permits in Canada with an online search.