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Transform Your Home Into a Smart Home With Affordable Gadgets

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By Katie Ormsby

Technological advancements are changing our lives — and our homes. In fact, it’s now possible to transform our homes into smart homes with the help of a few brilliant gadgets. These tools provide a range of benefits, including comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, and increased security. They simplify everyday tasks, making life a bit easier and even more fun. Start a search today to find affordable smart home gadgets to take your house to the next level.

Shutterstock: Gorodenkoff

Types of Smart Home Gadgets

Smart home gadgets can be a game-changer in your daily routine.1 Here are different types of smart home gadgets that can make your life easier:

Smart Doorbells

Popular options like Ring and Nest Hello smart doorbells offer video capabilities that allow you to see who’s at your door. Some even provide night vision and two-way communication, so you can converse without opening the door. It’s like having a peephole that works anywhere, anytime.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting solutions like Philips Hue or LIFX, you can control your home’s lighting using your smartphone or through voice commands if you have a smart speaker. They also provide options for different color hues to set the mood in any room. Smart lighting, as a result, is a great way to customize your home environment effortlessly.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats such as the Nest Learning Thermostat or Ecobee SmartThermostat adapt to your routine, learning when you’re usually home or away and adjusting the temperature accordingly for energy efficiency. It’s an intelligent way to maintain comfort while saving on energy costs.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Whether it’s a smart refrigerator from Samsung that can help you keep track of groceries and suggest recipes or a smart coffee maker like the Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation that starts brewing just as you wake up, smart kitchen appliances bring convenience to your culinary efforts. They redefine what it means to have a kitchen assistant.

Smart Security Systems

Options like SimpliSafe or Ring Alarm offer comprehensive smart security systems. These include smart locks, cameras, and alarms that send real-time alerts of any suspicious activity to your smartphone. With the help of a smart security system, home security is always at your fingertips.

Smart Vacuums

Smart vacuums like the iRobot Roomba or the Roborock S6 can be scheduled to clean your floors at specific times. They can navigate around furniture and even return to their charging dock when the battery is low. It’s like having a dedicated cleaning crew without paying for the personnel.

Smart Speakers

Devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest provide not only music playback but also the capability to control other smart devices, answer questions, set reminders, and more using voice commands. It’s your very own personal assistant, ready to serve whenever you need its assistance.

Smart Displays

Smart displays like the Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show, take smart speakers a step further by adding a screen.3 They can show information, play videos, display photos, and provide visual interactions for your smart home commands. It’s like bringing the convenience of your smartphone screen to a stationary, easily viewable display that integrates with your smart home setup.

The Takeaway

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future — they’re here and now. With smart home gadgets, you can enjoy increased comfort, convenience, and security, all while making your everyday tasks simpler. From smart doorbells to smart displays, there’s a gadget to suit every need. Start exploring today, and transform your home into a smart haven of efficiency and ease.

Katie Ormsby