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Unsold Hot Tub Inventory Causing Prices to Drop

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By Christopher Brown

The benefits of investing in a hot tub far outlast the initial wave of excitement. They relax the muscles, relieve stress, improve sleep, and can even promote better cardiovascular health.1 There’s a reason that those that own one can’t stop singing their praises.

Supply chain disruptions, consumer demand, and market volatility have contributed to a number of dramatic changes in the availability and cost of consumer hot tubs. Recent trends have been a big help to those looking to buy, with an uptick in the amount of unsold inventory causing a dramatic drop in prices.

Today, we’re going to take a look at why hot tub prices are on the decline, what to know before you buy, and where to score the best price.


Price Trends

2020 and 2021 changed the hot tub industry. What was once an industry based primarily on customization and fast service became one with months-long wait times, stock shortages, and record prices. But it’s not 2021 anymore, and hot tub retailers are finding the need to readjust once again.

The previous years’ trends mixed with continued economic uncertainty has led to an abundance of unsold hot tub inventory. Which isn’t so good for hot tub retailers. It’s great news for you though. The ultra-long wait times of the past few years have been replaced with aggressive price cuts. How long those price cuts will last, though, is anyone’s guess.2

Where to Find the Best Deals

The market trends mentioned above have seen prices dip at hot tub retailers across the country. National retailers are taking to their websites to promote aggressive price drops, but there may be even better deals found at a retailer near you. Don’t forget to continue searching online to ensure you find the best deal.


The popular bulk-buy retailer sells a ton of hot tubs. But if the recent price cuts tell us anything, it’s that Costco is looking to sell a lot more. Though these are subject to change, here’s a list of some the biggest Costco hot tub deals:


Shipping complications and consumer demand means most of the hot tubs available for order on Amazon are the inflatable kind. Inflatable hot tubs are a portable and affordable option for buyers looking for flexibility. In response to the market, Amazon has lowered the prices of their inflatable offerings too. These are just a few of the temporary price drops available on Amazon right now:

Things To Know Before You Buy

Deciding to invest in a hot tub is always a good thing, but buying one before sitting down and doing the research can end up costing you more, and leave you wanting for some brand or feature that you didn’t know about. So don’t buy until you figure out the following things.

Know Your Budget

It’s always best to get a grip on how much you can afford to spend on a new hot tub. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, so familiarize yourself with the hot tub market and their associated costs before settling on one model in particular. Don’t forget to account for the cost of installation and delivery as well.

Know Your Needs

Creating an itemized list of needs, specifications, and various nice-to-haves will help you prioritize the models and price points. It’ll also help you avoid the buyers remorse that can come with buying something expensive that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

As you can see, after years of shortages and months-long wait times, there’s never been a better time to bring a brand new hot tub home. Hot tub dealers are overflowing with inventory and slashing prices to clear up floor space for newer models. Which means better service, and the deal of a lifetime.

The secret is bound to get out eventually, so get off the fence and take advantage of the limited time savings while you can. The unpredictability of the hot tub market mixed with changes in consumer behaviors has created opportunities for those that have cash to spend. But opportunities this good won’t last forever.

Christopher Brown