What Most People Don’t Know About Buying A Mattress

The process of buying a new mattress is awful–it’s frustrating, exhausting, and expensive. No matter how many mattresses you’ve bought over the years, it never gets easier.

Yet there are secrets to buying a mattress that you’re missing out on. These tips and tricks are known only by industry insiders. And they don’t want you to know these helpful hints, simply because they’ll save you money.

Use the following tips when shopping for your next mattress, and you’ll save big.

Mattresses Are Cheapest On Holiday Weekends

Did you know there’s a wrong time and a right time to buy a mattress? Mattresses, like many other products, do have seasonal sales–and mattresses actually go on sale repeatedly throughout the year.

The best time to score an affordable mattress is on a holiday weekend. As dates like President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day arrive, mattresses see huge discounts. The month of May is also a smart time to shop; mattresses are always marked down right before summer arrives.

More Expensive Mattresses Suck

If you think that paying more for a mattress equals better quality, you’re completely wrong.

The more expensive a mattress is, the more it’s been marked up. The Huffington Post reports that mattresses priced at $1,200 or more aren’t worth buying– they’re marked up simply because a brand wants you to think you’re paying more for luxury.

In reality, a higher price doesn’t equal better sleep. An expensive mattress has the same amount of filling and the same materials as a cheaper mattress.

You Should Negotiate The Price

The next time you shop for a mattress, refuse to pay sticker price. Treat it like buying a new car: be ready to negotiate, to haggle. Again, remember that mattress prices come with huge markups; the store can still make money even if they offer you a deal.

Design expert Robin Wilson remarks that department stores, not mattress stores, respond best to negotiations. They’re more willing to give in and offer free delivery, no sales tax, or even dollars off.

Firmness Changes From Brand To Brand

If you’re trying to save time and visit fewer mattress stores by comparing online or just using descriptions, you’re missing out on something important. No two mattress brands label their products in the same way.

While two totally different mattresses may be “firm” or “soft,” every brand sets its own levels of firmness. So, one company’s “firm” may be rock hard; another’s might be surprisingly soft. If firmness is important to you, you’ll have to go and test the mattresses in person to determine your best option.

You Have More Choices Than You Think

Brick-and-mortar mattress stores are great, but they aren’t your only option anymore. Neither is the traditional cotton-filled mattress.

Today, there are so many different mattress options. You’re probably missing out on more affordable, more comfortable, and even more sustainable choices simply because your local store doesn’t carry anything but traditional mattresses.

You can actually choose an organic mattress as one alternative. Made out of chemical-free materials like latex, wool, and other plant-based items, you can find healthier alternatives beyond your normal mattress store.

Additionally, you can now buy your mattress online. Companies like bed-in-a-box startups and mattress retailers on Amazon allow you to pick your mattress with no in-person testing and no huge markup. By ordering online, you can often save on delivery costs, have a longer free trial period, and enjoy a cheaper mattress overall. Online retailers remove the huge markup that comes with big brand name mattresses.

Brand Name Means Nothing

Don’t let the “best” brands in the mattress industry fool you: the brand name doesn’t say much. In fact, some of the oldest mattress brands are the most expensive and outdated.

Newer mattress companies have found ways to cut costs and offer cheaper mattresses. Those previously mentioned bed-in-a-box companies are using different manufacturing to reduce the price of a new mattress; still others are turning to new, innovative materials that are cheaper. Together, these changes mean mattresses are becoming more affordable.

Unfortunately, brands that have been around for decades like Sealy and Stearns and Foster aren’t keeping up with the times. Instead, they’re sticking with old habits, keeping their traditional mattresses too expensive.

Save Money and Time When Buying Your Next Mattress

Make your life easier and your sleep better by following these tips the next time you need a new mattress. Why should you keep spending more than you need to–or end up with a mattress that isn’t the right fit?

Instead, make sure to do your research. You want to stay updated about the latest changes in mattress shopping; it’s how you’ll know you’re getting the best deal possible.  Without the right information, you could pay too much.

Featured Tip

A messy, unmade bed can actually make your home healthier: research by Kingston University found unmade beds to have cleaner mattresses.