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Why Getting an Online Data Science Degree Could Be a Smart Move

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By Katie Ormsby

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields in Australia, and an online data science degree offers a great opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter this exciting field. With an online data science degree, you can develop the skills necessary for a successful career in data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

You’ll be able to use this knowledge to create meaningful change across different industries while enjoying job security with well-paying salaries. Furthermore, online data science degree programs provide a flexible way to learn the skills you need. All of these factors can make getting an online data science degree a smart move for the age of big data.

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High Demand for Data Scientists and Well-Paying Jobs

Data science is one of the hottest career paths right now, with demand only continuing to grow in Australia.1 With the increasing need for companies to better understand their data and make decisions using analytics, the demand for data scientists is expected to keep rising.

Data scientists are some of the highest-paid professionals in many organizations, with an average annual salary of $121,314 in Australia.2 Related careers like data analysts are also in demand and make good money. For example, their average annual salary is $92,412.3

Wide Range of Data Science Careers in Australia

Data science is an ever-expanding field that offers a wide range of career opportunities in Australia. With the multitude of industries embracing big data and analytics, there is a need for skilled professionals to help transform data into actionable insights. Careers include data scientists, data analysts, and machine learning engineers.

From extracting meaningful information from large datasets to helping make informed decisions through predictive modeling and AI algorithms, data science skills can help businesses with many important tasks. A data science diploma prepares students for an array of job opportunities in analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, finance, and more.

Here are some of the career paths you can take with a data science degree.

Skills You Need To Become a Data Scientist

To have a successful career in data science, you need a strong foundation in analytical thinking. You need to know how to handle large datasets and use that data to help organizations make smart business decisions. And you need to be able to communicate your insights.

Both hard and soft skills are necessary for a successful career in data science. With this in mind, these are a few of the overarching skills aspiring data scientists should develop.

Become a Data Scientist With Online Courses

Data science is a rapidly growing field with incredible potential to transform the way businesses operate and create meaningful change in various industries. With positions in high demand and good earning potential, pursuing an online data science degree in Australia could be a smart move. That’s because it can be an excellent way to break into the field.

Free online courses in data science and data analysis can be an excellent place to start. By taking these courses, you can develop the fundamental skills needed and gain a better understanding of the field as a whole. Free online courses are an opportunity to figure out if you want to invest time and money to become a data scientist.

If you’re looking for more in-depth learning, then there are a few online options — data science and analytics certificate programs, undergraduate data science programs, and graduate data science programs. Research the level of education required to get hired by companies you’d like to work for in the future to help decide the right type of data science diploma to pursue.

The Outlook for Starting a Career in Data Science

Companies and organizations increasingly need help making sense of data and figuring out how to use this data strategically. Getting an online data science degree in Australia is a great choice if you’re looking to develop the skills necessary for working with data.

With a degree, you can learn how to analyze and manage vast amounts of data effectively, which will open up many career opportunities. By investing your time in a data science degree, you can learn sought-after skills that can jumpstart a data science career.

Data scientists are in high demand in Australia and beyond. So, it’s a career you can pursue at home and abroad.4 To get started in this exciting field, research online introductory courses, certificate programs, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.

Katie Ormsby