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Why More Men Are Choosing At-Home Grooming

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By Heather Fishel

You see a barber or hair stylist every four to six weeks to ensure your hair is perfectly trimmed. But what about the rest of your hair? Visiting a barber shop for other men’s grooming needs, like trimming your beard, can be costly and inconvenient. And your barber can’t help you groom hair elsewhere on your body. Fortunately, at-home grooming is becoming increasingly popular for men – and you can search online now to discover home grooming tips and tricks.

Home grooming is convenient, budget-friendly, and easy, once you learn how to do it. You can look polished, feel more confident and comfortable, and groom your entire body without leaving home. And you can find everything you need to start grooming yourself with an online search.

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If you’re wondering why more men are choosing at-home grooming, here’s why it’s quickly becoming a go-to habit.

Why Groom At Home?

Home grooming is convenient for just about any man. You don’t have to make an appointment, you don’t have to spend the time, effort, and money to visit a professional barber, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is a trimmer and the right knowledge.

Grooming at home is convenient and easy to master. But there are also other reasons to start creating your own home grooming routine. If you’re wondering whether grooming at home is worth the work, the following are just a few of the benefits.

Grooming Boosts Your Confidence

Grooming can help you feel more confident and more self-assured. According to research studies, grooming – or taking pride in your appearance – leads men to be more successful in both their professional and personal lives than those who don’t¹.

When you groom, you’re working to put your best foot forward when it comes to your looks. You’ll feel empowered and confident because your body’s looking its best. And that confidence will help you appear more commanding to others too.

Grooming Makes You More Attractive

A great haircut can completely change your appearance, and so can great grooming. Manscaping, or grooming your entire body, can actually make you more attractive to others. According to multiple polls, women prefer men who groom, and they will actually reconsider dating men based on their grooming habits². Even more importantly, when asked to rate attractiveness in a study, women consistently preferred men with less hair³.

The less hair present, the more attractive men were. That means getting into a grooming routine can literally make you more attractive.

Grooming is Hygienic

Hygiene is an important aspect of any grooming routine. And grooming your hair – from your face to your chest to your back – is a great way to improve your hygiene. Hair of all kinds holds onto not-so-clean things like dead skin cells, sweat, and urine⁴. And if these aren’t cleaned out regularly, they’ll fester and begin breeding bacteria⁵. If you groom and keep your body hair trimmed short, you can prevent the spread of bacteria, potential yeast infections, and not-so-pleasant odors from happening.

Trimming Versus Shaving

Wondering how to start an at-home grooming routine? It all begins with learning what should be shaved and what should be trimmed.

While shaving with a razor removes all hair, a trimmer allows you to just trim hair. You can control the length and how much you’re cutting off, and trimmers often have smaller heads for more precise cutting.

When dealing with facial hair, both shaving and trimming are appropriate. It just depends on your specific needs and what you’re going for. Trimming is best used if you haven’t shaved in a while, as shaving shorter hair provides a smoother shave⁶. You’ll also want to trim if you have a beard or moustache, as trimming can help you shape your facial hair precisely.

If you’re grooming chest or shoulder hair, you’ll want to use a trimmer. Shaving can leave you with uncomfortable regrowth, so it’s best to trim down your hair instead. Trimming can help you manage unruly hair and keep a consistent length with a body trimmer or groomer⁷.

For the rest of your body, like your back or pubic area, avoid razors completely. You don’t want to cause pain, discomfort, or even potential injury by shaving. Instead, stick with a trimmer or body groomer. Trimming can help you achieve a uniform hair length, control areas that grow quickly, and eliminate issues like razor burn or infections⁸.

You Can Groom Everywhere at Home

Are you ready to take charge of your hair? From your facial hair to your body hair, you can easily start grooming yourself right at home. It’s easy and convenient, and you can tackle the job on your own – and you’ll start reaping the benefits.

At-home grooming just requires the right knowledge and the right tools. To trim your facial hair, you’ll want to use a beard trimmer. To trim and groom your body hair, you’ll want to opt for a body hair trimmer. You can also opt for a trimmer that comes with multiple attachments to tackle any kind of hair. These trimmers are all affordable, costing just $20 at most retailers⁹.

That means you’ll just spend $20 one time to begin grooming at home. That’s an affordable price to pay for the convenience of trimming anywhere, any time. You can search online to find the perfect trimmer for your needs, as well as tips, tricks, and easy ways to achieve the grooming style you’re looking for.

Heather Fishel