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Why People Are Buying Incontinence Products Online

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By natadm

If you’re one of the 51 percent of older adults who suffer from incontinence, you’ve likely struggled to feel in control.1 Because urinary incontinence is not a normal part of aging, it’s something that many people are extremely reluctant to talk about. Since people feel embarrassed to discuss it, many seniors end up suffering on their own from this problem that’s completely treatable.

There are a lot of different factors that can cause urinary incontinence, but the effects are the same — an inability to hold the urge to use the restroom, as well as inopportune leaks of urine or fecal matter. Many people use disposable underwear and other incontinence products to help them function in their day to day life.

The Benefits of Buying Incontinence Products Online

It’s no surprise that online shopping has become a useful tool in the hunt for the best incontinence products. The fact that people can comparison shop and get unbiased reviews from fellow users means that they don’t have to stand in the aisles of a grocery store or pharmacy, discretely studying various packages to figure out the best option.

In addition to being able to discretely comparison shop, there are lots of other benefits to buying incontinence products online.

Products Right to Your Door

Another benefit of buying your incontinence products online is that it allows you to purchase products discretely and have them shipped right to your door. If your incontinence is something that embarrasses you, this option may make you feel more confident, due to the anonymity that online ordering provides. It’s also a lot easier to purchase large boxes of absorbent products if you don’t have to carry them from the store to the car and then into your house.

Ordering online gives you the option to stock up on a large amount of product at once, allowing you to compare and contrast several brands at the same time.

It Can Help You Save Money

Ordering products online can also help save you money. If you’re buying incontinence products at a local pharmacy, you’re obligated to pay the prices they’re offering unless they happen to be on sale. If you’re purchasing online, you can compare prices across a few different online retailers and even use manufacturer coupon codes to obtain a discount.

Many people use money-saving apps like Swagbucks, Ebates, and PriceGrabber to find where prices are cheapest. Some of these apps give a certain percentage of the purchase price back to you in points or even cash, which you can cash out once you’ve reached a certain threshold.2

Get Exactly What You Want

Instead of heading to the store only to find out that the product you want is sold out, purchasing online means that you’ll always have access to the entire inventory. You’ll be able to secure the exact product you want and find the right size without having to scour the entire store. It’s definitely easier than driving to the store.

If you need products immediately, you’ll usually be given the option of opting for faster shipping speed.

Top Online Sites for Incontinence Products

In North America, it seems like every brick and mortar retailer has moved online and has started offering cheap or free shipping in an effort to entice loyalty from customers. If you have your credit card information saved in autofill, all you’ll need to do is press one button for the forms to auto-populate and you’ll have your products on the way in no time.

Here are two of the best options that we’ve found for purchasing incontinence products online.

1. Walmart

Although there are more than 11,000 Walmart stores all over the United States, they’ve made an effort to capture a bigger percentage of the online market in recent years. This has led to them putting their everyday low prices online. Their extensive selection offers more than what you could usually find in their physical stores.3

If you want to save some money, use the Walmart Mobile App. It allows you to price check products, and even order online for pickup in a local store.4

2. Amazon

Amazon is the undisputed king of the online shopping world. Their site is a universe unto itself, and nearly anything you can think of — including fresh food, since their partnership with Whole Foods — can be purchased on their site.

One useful tip to ensure you’re getting the highest-value products listed at the top is to go to the top right-hand corner and sort by average customer reviews. That way, you’re getting products that have been highly reviewed instead of the ones that companies are paying to promote.

Amazon also offers some of the best shipping options around. A membership to Amazon Prime entitles you to discounts on products, as well as free two-day shipping.5

Stop Overpaying for Incontinence Care Today

If you’re using incontinence products on a regular basis, it definitely pays to purchase them online. You’ll be able to order them quickly and easily, while also having time to comparison shop if you want to try out different options. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of unlimited inventory.

After purchasing online, your products will be delivered right to your front door without you having to lift a finger. The ease and convenience of online shopping can’t be denied, so take advantage of this useful resource today!