Why People Are Choosing This Advanced Technology Over Landlines

A little-known technology called VoIP is taking over peoples’ homes, leaving the soon-to-be-obsolete landline behind. Here’s why.

Millions of Americans are cutting their landlines. Why? They’re discovering they don’t need to pay $100 per month to make calls locally or internationally, all thanks to changing phone technology: VoIP.

Landline phone service is expensive. Every month, your phone bill steals hundreds of dollars from your bank account.

Simply put, today’s landline phone subscribers are getting ripped off. On average, according to TIME Magazine, landline customers pay $100 to $200 per month. Worse, phone bills are expected to continue increasing as landlines become obsolete.

It’s time to stop wasting money.

Ever since VoIP burst onto the phone scene in 1995, landline phone providers have been panicking. If people no longer pay for a landline phone, if there are other ways to make calls for less, traditional telephone companies are going to lose millions.

Until recently, VoIP hasn’t been able to compete with landline service. VoIP services required special software and Internet service. But all of this is changing.

Today, many different VoIP services exist. You can connect to anyone in the world via the internet. You can make voice calls or video calls – all you need is your computer, laptop, or other smart device.

We Tested VoIP For You

As VoIP has become increasingly popular, we too were skeptical. How could international calls truly come without an expensive cost? So, we tested VoIP for ourselves.

Setting up any VoIP service is quick and easy. Connect any VoIP service, like Skype or Vonage, via your internet. Within seconds, you’re able to call anyone. And you only have to pay a minimal fee for calls out of the United States.

Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice call quality. As long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be able to chat as easily with someone in New York as you would someone in Mexico or Greece.

The Verdict: You need to stop paying for landline phone service. You can save hundreds of dollars each year by switching to VoIP, and you won’t miss a single call.

Featured Tip

Considering cutting the cable cord? You aren’t alone. By the start of 2018, 22 million people had already ditched their cable companies according to Variety.