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Why Shipping Container Homes are Exploding in Popularity

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By natadm

Buying a house is one of the biggest, most expensive decisions you’ll ever make. And there are plenty of choices to make, from the neighborhood you’ll buy in to the size and cost of the house you pick. But there is an option that could potentially save you money – and make buying a home more affordable.

Instead of buying a traditional house, many people are now choosing homes made out of shipping containers. Built out of empty shipping containers, these unique homes are often cheaper and more customizable than the average house. And they’re rapidly becoming more popular.

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If you’re wondering why homes made from shipping containers are exploding in popularity, here’s why homeowners are making the switch.

Shipping Containers Are Cheaper Than Traditional Homes

One of the biggest reasons more and more homeowners are opting for shipping containers is the price.

While Business Insider reports that the average price of buying a home in the U.S. is $243,000, that price can vary significantly¹. In areas with high costs of living, like Hawaii and California, the average home can cost far more – an average of $636,451 and $554,886 respectively². And this means many people struggle to afford a home.

However, shipping container houses are a cheaper alternative. Shipping containers cost much, much less. According to Quicken Loans, you can buy a 20-foot by 8-foot container for $2,800³. You may be able to save even more, as 360 Mobile Office notes that some containers can be priced as low as $1,400⁴.

Even if you need multiple shipping containers to build a home that’ll fit your family and suit your needs, that’s a big difference. Buying five different containers at the average cost of $2,800 will only cost about $14,000 – a significantly lower price than buying a home.

Although shipping containers will require building and customization, you can still save a lot of money. Even with construction costs, 360 Mobile Office notes that anyone can turn a shipping container into a cozy, functional home for as little as $10,000⁵.

If you’d like to build a shipping container home that’s more similar to a traditional home, you can expect to spend between $150,000 and $175,000⁶. Even that number is much cheaper than the average price of a home!

You Can Customize Containers Just Like a House

Another reason shipping container homes are becoming more popular is their unique ability to be completely customized. Sure, you can remodel a home and change its design and its character. But you can do the same – with a cheaper material – when you buy a shipping container home.

Shipping containers are different. But that isn’t a bad thing. Quicken Loans calls shipping containers “super strong” and cost-efficient⁷. A shipping container is made from steel, which makes it a sturdy structure that’s very durable.

On top of that strength, you’re able to add whatever you’d like. You can start with insulation, and then build rooms into multiple containers. Because shipping containers are blank slates, you can decide where each room goes, set up plumbing, and control the electrical. It’s possible to add everything, from heating and air conditioning to built-in closets to windows, into the shell of a shipping container.

The possibilities are endless. You can build the home you’ve always wanted, with as many customizations as you’d like, when you choose a shipping container.

Buying and Building a Shipping Container Home is Faster and Easier

If you’re worried about the financial burden of buying a home, you aren’t alone. The process of investing in a piece of real estate can take months, and it can also cost you a lot of money.

However, if you’re looking for an easier – and cheaper – solution, you should consider a shipping container home. You can complete the process with total ease. In fact, you can even buy shipping containers online! You can search for different containers in a variety of sizes, and find the perfect fit for your dream home.

Additionally, you can easily find the information you need to turn an empty shipping container into a home. You can learn about the construction process, purchase multiple containers to build a bigger space, and look into customization ideas. You can research the various costs, begin planning your construction, and pick out everything for your new container home.

Even with all of this research, 360 Mobile Office reports that the total construction process is 30 percent faster⁸. There’s no need to worry about realtors, purchase fees and inspections, and other worrisome details of a home purchase. The entire process can be easier and quicker, if you do your homework ahead of time.