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Why You Should Be Considering a Career in Digital Marketing

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By Editorial Staff

How many hours a day do you spend on your phone? People say spending time on social media is bad. But if you enjoy it — why not make a career out of it? Instead of doom scrolling, get paid to consume the media you love. Search online to find digital marketing degrees that fit your schedule.

An online degree in digital marketing is fast and affordable. Earn a degree from the comfort of your own home, getting you that much closer to a career doing what you love – with the freedom to do it anywhere. Find out how easy it is to get a digital marketing degree with a quick online search. / Shutterstock

What Digital Marketing Is Not

Many people think that to get into digital marketing you need to be an influencer. Or, at the very least, have a social media following.

In today’s social media sphere where seemingly everyone has millions of followers, it can be disheartening. But that’s not the case. You don’t need to be an influencer to thrive in a digital marketing career — you just need a little bit of education on top of the experience you already have.

What a Digital Marketing Degree Is

A digital marketing degree is a no-brainer. In today’s online landscape, having the know-how to catch and keep the attention of your target audience is an asset that many businesses need. It isn’t just about putting out an ad and hoping it works. People can scroll away in seconds.

A degree in digital marketing provides you with these much sought-after skills to catch the attention of your audience. From copywriting, to SEO, to data analysis, most degrees cover everything from the foundations of getting to know your consumers to how to properly conduct a post-campaign breakdown.

How Long Does a Digital Marketing Degree Take?

But how long does it take to earn a digital marketing degree? Well, that depends. A degree in marketing — which includes digital marketing, as well as courses on finance and general business — can take you up to four years.1 This can be shortened if you choose to take an accelerated course.

However, if you’re just interested in the digital marketing aspect of a degree, you’re in luck. Many schools offer certificates or boot camps that can be completed in weeks instead. These offer knowledge on the most relevant skills in marketing online, so you can start your career sooner. Plus, most of them allow you to specialize in certain areas like social media or analytics, giving you more targeted knowledge in your area of interest.

What Does a Digital Marketing Degree Cost?

Just like length of study, how much a degree costs will depend on what type of course you are taking. Some online digital certificates are as low as $1,495 for a six-week course.2 For those looking for a four-year degree, the cost per credit is around $215 to $555.3 Spread out over the course of the degree, the investment in your education is easily manageable.

Furthermore, many colleges and universities offer financial aid and scholarships. So, it’s always a good idea to look at your options when it comes to tuition costs.

What Can You Make as a Digital Marketer?

Salaries within the digital marketing world can vary greatly depending on what role you’re looking at. The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities for you to specialize in the area that most suits your interests.

To get an idea of the wide range of salaries in digital marketing, take a look at some of the most common salary ranges below:

There are many other roles beyond these, almost too many to list. Chances are if you have a special interest in some aspect of digital marketing, there’s a job out there for you.

Where to Find an Online Digital Marketing Degree

You have the experience and passion for a career in social media. Now you also have an idea of how lucrative a job as a digital marketer can be. Whether you want to be writing ad copy, running online campaigns, or working within a team of data hungry marketers, the choice is yours. A simple online search will show you how easy it is to get a digital marketing degree.

If you’re scrolling for free today, why not get paid to scroll tomorrow. A career in digital marketing could be right for you. Become easily in demand in one of the fastest-growing fields.

Editorial Staff