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Why You Should Leave Dryer Vent Cleaning To The Professionals

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By Ryan Pratt

While most homeowners agree that routinely cleaning your dryer vents is important, there’s a sharp difference of opinion when it comes to who should do the cleaning. Many people insist on doing the job themselves, whereas others point out the benefits of hiring a professional.

If you aren’t sure what’s going on inside your aluminum, it might be worth the extra money to get the technical approach of an experienced cleaner. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay for professional dryer vent cleaning – and how much you might save in the process.

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DIY Cleaning Kits

If you want to develop a personal relationship with your vents, a variety of DIY cleaning kits are available to purchase. These kits typically cost between $10 and $100 and include a lint brush, a vacuum hose accessory, and some extension rods 1.

You may collect a lot of lint with these kits, but you can also damage your vents. Since most vents exist behind the walls of your home, there’s no way of knowing if the limited reach of your lint brush is enough, or if the vacuum hose is damaging the walls of your vent. Any punctures to your dryer vent will lead to far greater expenses – and the worst part is, you won’t know if you’ve caused them.

Experience Matters

Conversely, a professional dryer vent cleaner will determine the best approach for your particular set-up. They’ll know whether your vents are round or square – plus, whether they’re composed of soft hose or tough aluminum – before they select the appropriate tools 2. This way, your vents are cleaned more efficiently and no damage is caused. This service typically costs between $101 – $176 3.

A certified professional also has the experience to address critical factors in the overall integrity of your dryer and vents. They can diagnose issues with the dryer itself and identify hazards before they worsen. These insights can prolong the life of your dryer, help your machine run more efficiently, and lower your energy bills.

Additional Costs

With any dryer vent cleaning company, you’re primarily paying for the labor costs. Still, additional costs can pop up depending on the complexity of the job. Removing a simple clog might only set you back around $150, but removing a bird’s nest can cost twice as much 4.

The price of hiring a dryer vent cleaner can also increase depending on where your dryer is located. For example, if your dryer is located on the second floor of a house, it’ll cost approximately $30 – $35 more than the same service would on a first-floor dryer 5. Even a dryer which is situated far from an exterior wall will cost more to clean.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

Ignoring your dryer vents is a recipe for disaster, as the build-up of lint – combined with the heat from your dryer – can burst into flames. Nearly 3,000 clothes dryer fires are reported each year in the United States, causing fatalities, injuries and property loss 6. Even in less severe scenarios, you could face exorbitant clean-up costs for electrical short-circuits or smoke and fire damage.

Most experts believe that you should have your dryer vents cleaned at least once per year. However, those who use their dryer a lot (such as families with young children) might want to consider cleaning their vents every six months.

Signs You Need A Pro

If you sense that your dryer is too hot, or notice an inconsistent airflow from the exhaust fan, you should not hesitate to call a dryer vent cleaning company. Similarly, if you see a lot of excess lint after each cycle, or debris outside the vent, these are indicators that a professional cleaning is overdue.

There are also subtle signs that your dryer vents are in trouble. If your clothes are taking longer to dry, or they’re surprisingly hot to the touch, there’s likely an issue at play. Does the whole room feel warmer when the dryer is on? Do you notice a burning smell? Don’t dismiss these warning signs.

If The Job Is So Simple, Get It Done Right

It feels great to save money on household tasks we can do ourselves, but it’s important to know that the job has been done well. Simply put, a DIY cleaning kit cannot possibly reach all the nooks and crannies that a qualified professional can.

Finding the right company to clean your dryer vents is as simple as researching local options and reading online reviews. Look for professionals who have at least ten years of experience and receive praise for their professionalism and punctuality. Also, keep an eye out for reviews by repeat customers, who routinely use the same company’s services.

Ryan Pratt