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Why Your Business Needs Cybersecurity Risk Management Software

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By Christopher Brown

Cybersecurity risk management is the continuous process of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and addressing a company’s cyber security. Cybersecurity risk management is a fluid, ever-evolving process. One that’s essential to ensuring the safety and security of a company’s data, and that of their users.

Seeing as how the majority of companies have at least one hand in e-commerce, it’s safe to assume that just about every company needs a cybersecurity plan. Thanks to a long line of technological advancements, much of your company’s cybersecurity risk management roadmap can be handled by one of many available software suites.

Today, we’re going to start your software search by highlighting the top names in cybersecurity risk management software.

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Top Cybersecurity Risk Management Software

Of the many review websites available on the internet, Capterra is a favorite amongst software industry pros. They’ve been in the review business since 1999 with the goal of highlighting the best and brightest names satisfying the software needs of the biggest businesses in the country. Their reviews are entirely free, and incredibly valuable to those shopping for software.1

The rankings for the top cybersecurity risk management software follow a familiar 5-star rating system with scores determined by each software’s usage of alerts, audit management, compliance management, corrective and preventive actions, risk assessment, and deployment.

Up next, we’ll share the top four cyber security management software choices and chat a bit about what makes them so great.2

Standard Fusion

Standard Fusion earned an impressive 4.8 out of 5 and top spot in risk management software rankings. The software got green check marks across the board, meaning that the Standard Fusion software suite includes alerts, audit management, compliance management, corrective and preventive actions, and risk assessment capabilities.

The software is often praised for its simplified user experience and great customer support. Standard Fusion’s platform helps companies automate risk assessments, streamline frameworks and regulations, and easily track risk profiles. That’s just the beginning, too. If you’re at all curious, be sure to request a demo from the Standard Fusion website to try it out yourself.3


Ondato isn’t capable of audit management or corrective and preventative actions, but it does compliance management and risk assessment well enough to earn the software a 4.8 rating. The Ondato OS boasts a new approach to end-to-end KYC management with a comprehensive operating system for new client onboarding, user base management, and more.4

Users can use Ondato’s modules to create their own one-of-a-kind platform that can adapt to their own unique business case. Businesses only have to pay for the modules that they use, which makes for an efficient and cost effective experience for businesses reliant on the platform. Purchase an Expansion package for around $700 per month, or get started with the Growth software package for around $300.5


If you don’t need software to deliver corrective and preventive actions, then the top rated risk management software AuditBoard. AuditBoard helps organizations centralize and standardize data, streamlining risk management while also boosting visibility.

AuditBoard is cloud based and can be relied upon to ease your business’s audit management, compliance management, and risk assessment processes. Users love it too. On Capterra, AuditBoard boasts an impressive 4.7 score based on 133 user reviews. You can try it out for free by heading over to their website and signing up for a guided demo.6

HSI Donesafe

HSI Donesafe boasts a 4.7 on Capterra too. The software checks off all of the review website’s risk management boxes. It’s also deployed across all platforms, which makes implementation and adoption simpler for anyone asked to use it.

HSI Donesafe is an established name with an impressive list of clientele that includes major multinational corporations like McDonalds, Audi, and Nokia. These companies sing the software’s praises too. A representative from McDonalds reported that HSI Donesafe software increased safety participation within the company by a staggering 500%.7

Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud is all about customization. The popular risk management software empowers businesses to build a risk management solution unique to their needs, while also anticipating and monitoring emerging risks. Risk Cloud collects and uses data automatically and in real time to streamline routine tasks, ensure constant visibility, and transform findings into action.8

As the name suggests, Risk Cloud is a cloud based software application. It holds a 4.7 rating on Capterra, and it earns green checkmarks for Risk Cloud’s ability to service a company’s audit management, compliance management, corrective and preventative actions, and risk assessment needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

Choosing the right software for your company can take time. It’s a big decision that can depend on a lot of factors that are specific to your company’s situation. So don’t rush into the wrong decision and instead, keep searching online to learn more about the products on the market today.

That’s not to say that you can put the decision off till next year’s budget. Cyber threats have the potential to cripple your business for days, and even sometimes weeks at a time. Not to mention how much it’ll cost you in repair fees and lost revenue. It’s in every company’s best interest to invest in their cybersecurity infrastructure.

Christopher Brown