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Here’s How Teeth Aligners Can Restore Senior Smiles

Seniors who once had perfect teeth in adulthood could notice changes as they grow older. While around three quarters of people over 65 still have their natural teeth, it’s normal for some health issues to come up.¹ One of those issues is shifting teeth. Orthodontics Limited says that as the bones grow weaker, teeth gradually…

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6 Popular American Road Trip Routes

The great American road trip is having a moment. As people are getting used to staying at home, they’re looking for easier ways to travel that don’t require expensive flights or resorts. Road travel gives you the freedom to go where you want and there’s no shortage of options at home in the U.S. Whether…

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What Are NFTs?

Since November 2017, a total of $174 million have been spent on NFTs. And, if you’ve been paying attention to the tech segment of your local news broadcast over the last few months, you know that $174 million is just the beginning. NFTs have already revolutionized the buying and selling of games and collectibles. They’ve…

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