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3 Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

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By natadm

Think the inside of your home is fresh and clean? No matter how much time you spend cleaning, it’s likely more dangerous for your health than you realize. And that’s all thanks to the air inside your home.

According to the EPA¹, the air quality in most homes is terrible – and it can actually be five times more polluted than the air outside. Every time you breathe inside your home, you could be inhaling harmful contaminants.

However, there’s a way to fix this problem. You don’t have to breathe polluted air every time you’re indoors. You just need a way to get your home’s air clean, safe, and purified.

All of that can be accomplished with an air purifier. Air purifiers can be placed in any room of your home, and they work to remove harmful allergens, pollutants, and toxins from the air around you. It’s like a cleaning system for your home’s air, removing all of the unhealthy contaminants around you.

With an air purifier, you can breathe easily. If you’re thinking about buying one, but aren’t sure where to start, here are the three most important factors to consider.

1. The Type of Air Purifier You Need

Not all air purifiers are the same – in fact, there are so many different kinds available that each kind of air purifier can be completely different. So, when you first start shopping, you’ll want to narrow down your options by considering the type of air purifier you need.

To figure this out, you’ll want to determine which pollutants are most important to you. Different air purifiers tackle different kinds of pollutants, so it’s crucial that you target what your home’s biggest issue is.

Commonly, air purifiers can target the following pollutants and problems in your air:

Once you’ve figured out which of these pollutants you’d like to eliminate from your home’s air – or if you’d like to target all of them – you’re ready to choose the specific type of air purifier you need. There’s a unique kind of air purifier for each specific need, and they all work in different ways.

You can choose from the following types of air purifiers to target any kind of indoor pollutant.

HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA, which stands for high efficiency particulate air, filtration is considered the “gold standard” by HomeAirGuides.com² when it comes to cleansing indoor air. These air purifiers trap pollutants and contaminants in their paper filters. They can remove 99.97 percent of all microscopic particles and can target pollen, mold spores, fungi, dust, pet dander and hair, and smoke³.

Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic air purifiers are a type of filter-free machine. They work by emitting a cloud of ions, which are charged to attract contaminants in the air. Once these ions attach to the contaminants, the impurities in your air fall to the floor for easy cleanup. An ionic purifier can remove pollutants like dust, pollen, mold spores, fungi, smoke, and some kinds of bacteria.

Carbon Air Purifiers

Carbon air purifiers use special air filters with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent material with millions of tiny pores that attract airborne substances. However, unlike many air purifiers, carbon versions can’t actually remove pollutants. They can absorb smells, gases, and fumes from the air, so they’re excellent for removing odors within your home.

UV Light Air Purifiers

Air purifiers that use UV (ultra violet) light can remove air pollutants with invisible waves of light. These models emit UV light, which directly targets pollutants and dissolves them at a molecular level. It’s almost like sterilization for your home’s air. These air purifiers are great for targeting viruses, bacteria, and germs.

2. The Size

Once you’ve determined which type of air purifier is best for the pollutants you’d like to target, it’s time to narrow your options down based on size.

Air purifiers come in a variety of different sizes, and it’s important to consider what size is best for your home. These machines aren’t one size fits all – if your air purifier is too small, it may not be able to handle the room it’s placed in. This can make the air purifier less effective.

To figure out which size air purifier is the right fit for you, make sure to check out the square footage rating on each model you’re considering. You want an air purifier that’s able to tackle the same amount of square footage as the room it’ll be used in.

Unsure of your room’s square footage? You can calculate it by measuring the room. Measure its width and length, then multiple those numbers together. For example, a 10 foot by 20 foot room would equal 200 square feet. You would need an air purifier that’s rated for 200 square feet.

3. The Features

Lastly, you should consider what features you want your air purifier to have. While their primary purpose is removing pollutants from the air in your home, they often come with additional features that bring even more benefits.

Some of the features you’ll commonly find on air purifiers include:

There are plenty of other cool and advanced features you can find on air purifiers. Ultimately, you can choose an air purifier that meets all of your needs and includes some unique features for added perks.

The Right Air Purifier is Critical for Your Health

Choosing the right air purifier is important. You don’t want to pick just any model. You need one that targets the pollutants hiding in your home for maximum benefits.

And while narrowing down the many available options is tough, this guide can help you find the perfect air purifier. Just make sure to do your research online. You should compare additional features and prices to find the right purifier that fits your budget. Removing pollutants doesn’t have to be expensive with the perfect air purifier.




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