4 Popular Education Paths for Christians

Many Christians want to pursue higher education beyond high school, but it can feel like your options are limited. Colleges and universities that combine quality education with a faith-based environment aren’t readily advertised – but there are many more options than you might think.

If you want to advance your education and enjoy a religious curriculum simultaneously, you have a host of different paths. Instead of attending a secular college or university, you can choose from religious colleges, seminaries, and even specialized programs. Earning a degree at one of the many different education options for Christians gives you the chance to learn and grow in your religious faith.

Take a closer look at each of these popular education paths for Christians to determine which might be the right fit for you.

1. Bible College

A Bible college is similar to a secular college. It’s a four-year undergraduate degree program where the curriculum is based on the teachings of the Bible. In order to attend a Bible college, prospective students need to graduate from high school or have an equivalent degree.

Though a Bible college sounds similar to a Christian college, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. At a Christian college, students can study a range of subjects, from biology to marketing, and religious concepts are reserved for outside the classroom only. At a Bible college, all classes have a religious overtone. Courses you might take include subjects like analysis of the Old Testament or Biblical languages like Hebrew or Arabic.

The majority of students who graduate from a Bible college will eventually work in ministry or missions. You could become a youth pastor or work as a missionary in a foreign country.

2. Seminary

Seminary, also known as divinity school, is a graduate-level program specifically for individuals who are called to work in theology. Since this is a graduate-level program, it’s only open to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree – but seminaries accept students with any type of undergraduate degree, from secular and religious colleges. In order to be admitted into seminary, applicants may have to write a theological paper or pass proficiency exams in Biblical languages.

In seminary, you’ll gain expert religious knowledge. You’ll study coursework in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, pastoral counseling, and theology. This prepares you to work as a priest, pastor, or religious leader, but not all students go into this line of work. Graduates can also become religious scholars, researchers, or writers.

3. Christian MBA

An MBA, or master of business administration, is a valuable graduate degree that takes one to two years to complete. While people around the world opt to earn an MBA, some Christians want to earn their MBA in a Christian environment. Most MBA programs are secular, but there are select special programs that offer a Christian MBA, or an MBA degree program offered at a Christian university.

To qualify for a Christian MBA, you’ll first need to have a four-year undergraduate degree under your belt. By earning your MBA at a Christian university, you can expect to study a curriculum that includes a Christian perspective. However, most of the courses you take will still relate to the world of business. Your schedule will consist of courses like marketing, economics, or accounting alongside Christian values classes.

With a Christian MBA, graduates can take on any number of careers: entrepreneurs, advertising executives, branding consultants, finance, and accounting are only a few. Others will work as department managers, project managers, analysts, accountants, marketing directors and executives.

4. Online Christian College

Not every student wants to commit to living on a college campus and becoming a full-time, traditional student – it’s expensive and inflexible for some. Fortunately, there are online options available for those seeking a Christian college education. At an online Christian college, students can pursue a Christ-centered curriculum while earning an accredited degree.

An online Christian college typically offers undergraduate programs. Students can choose from a two-year associate degree and a four-year bachelor’s degree. Both of these degree programs will require applicants to have a high school diploma or an equivalency degree like the GED.

The curriculum of an online Christian college will be similar to any other online degree program. However, most courses will be taught from a Christian perspective. Students can study anything from education to history to forensic science at online Christian colleges. You just need a computer and Internet access. Classes can be watched online and exams can be taken right from your computer. Graduates may go on to become teachers, administrative assistants, accountants or any number of professions in their field of choice.

Get Started on Your Christian Education Today

As a Christian, you have many educational paths open to you. Whether seminary, Bible college, a Christian MBA or an online Christian college is the right choice, you can advance your education, your career, and your relationship with Christ.

There are plenty of exciting opportunities waiting for Christian students. You don’t have to settle for common secular options – instead, do more research. Search online to learn more about a Christian college education, graduate programs, and more. The perfect program that combines your academic goals, career goals, and religious faith awaits.

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