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4 Things You Need to Know About Yacht Vacations

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By natadm

Chartering a yacht is a luxury most people only dream of – it’s the perfect vacation, with exceptional service, fun on the water, and everything you could ever want. However, if you think such an adventure is financially out of reach, you may be surprised to learn that yacht vacations are actually affordable.

You can have the time of your life, a special vacation you’ll always remember with a yacht’s expert captain, experienced crew. and gourmet chef. Instead of dreaming of a yacht vacation, here are four reasons you should start planning one.

1. Yachts Are More Affordable Than People Think

Most people believe a yacht vacation is only for the ultra-rich. However, chartering a yacht isn’t always expensive – yacht prices can be quite reasonable. Yachts come in a variety of sizes and styles, and some models are more luxurious and therefore more costly than others. Depending on where you’d like to sail, you can also find yachts at discounted rates looking for any charter at any price.

According to ShermansTravel¹, searching online is where you’ll find the most affordable options. You can charter a mid-sized yacht, with captain, crew, and room for four passengers, for about $750 per day. Or, broaden your yacht options a bit and you can find a steal like a yacht off the coast of French Polynesia for about $385 for an entire week depending on the time of year.

You can also search for yachts available for charter just like you would a hotel or flight. There are a number of price comparison sites online; just enter the dates you’d like to hop aboard a yacht and where you’d like to travel, and you can see all of the available yachts within your price range in one place.

2. Yachts Offer Benefits You Won’t Get on a Cruise Ship

A yacht vacation is a completely different adventure than going on a cruise. Although boarding a cruise makes for an enjoyable trip, a yacht vacation offers a one-of-a-kind adventure. Your yacht crew prepares the yacht ahead of time so everything is ready for your departure – and that includes everything you personally request. The crew will see to it that your preferred foods and beverages are on board along with a fully stocked bar. Additionally, they’ll supply a wide variety of water-sports equipment for activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Another benefit to a yacht vacation is you set the pace and dictate what you want. On a cruise ship, you’re limited to what’s available on board and what activities are available – for a fee, of course – at the ports you visit. On a yacht, you can have absolutely anything. You can spend the day playing out at sea, visit cities or sights along the coast, or relax onboard and enjoy the yacht’s amenities. It’s an entirely flexible and customizable vacation at sea.

3. You Can Choose Your Own Destination, Activities, and Meals

Unlike a cruise ship where all your activities are preordained, you can select your destination and choose your activities on a yacht vacation. You’re in control of departure times and voyage durations. You even have the ability to make changes on the fly. You can visit the Caribbean Islands, explore the Mediterranean, or visit the South Pacific. Regardless of the destination you choose, you’ll maintain the flexibility to personalize your yacht vacation to fit your wishes.

You’ll also have the benefit of choosing your meals. If you have certain food allergies or are on a restricted diet, you’ll have a personal chef on board who prepares your food to fit your needs and wants. You won’t have to worry about leaving your vacation condo to visit the grocery store, or trying to work with what’s available on a cruise. One more thing — there’s no need to make reservations for dinner on a yacht.

4. You Can Escape the Crowds

By booking a yacht vacation, you can escape the crowds and enjoy the beauty of the various beaches and coves in a private setting. You’ll feel like you own your own private vacation spot. It isn’t necessary, though, for you to exert a great amount of energy finding the best places to take your yacht. You’ll have a seasoned captain and crew on board who know where the hidden harbors, coves and beaches are that other boat pilots miss. You’ll feel like a millionaire when you enjoy your piece of paradise far from other vacationers.

A yacht vacation is so unique because your crew members may come from different parts of the world and bring along their own unique experiences. Because they love the sea and have a passion for what they do, they’ll do everything in their power to make your vacation memorable, such as making suggestions for activities that you would not have considered on your own. Their expertise will make your vacation very unique.

Book a Yacht Vacation Today

If you’re interested in a yacht vacation, you should do your own research to see if this would be a good fit for you. Don’t simply dismiss the thought as a pipe dream – with some research and planning, you can find and book a yacht within your budget. Charters are available in all price ranges, and you can compare different destinations, different types and sizes of yachts, and short-term availability to set sail on the vacation you’ve always wanted. Give yourself a chance to check into the details to see if a yacht vacation would make sense for you.

Like anything, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest research. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Doing a search online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.




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