8 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

Owning a home gives you and your family the freedom to enjoy your living space without restrictions. When you own a home, you can live in the same residence for decades and even pass your property down to the next generation.

Home ownership does, however, entail a wide variety of responsibilities, such as renovation to keep your home updated or routine maintenance to avoid preventable damage. Windows often need to be renovated or replaced when they get old in order to save money on energy bills and keep your home looking great. You should, therefore, take the time necessary to understand the options that are available for repairing and replacing the windows in your home.

1. Can Your Windows Be Replaced?

Homeowners often wonder whether their windows can be replaced since windows are securely fastened to the frame of a home. In most situations, replacing your windows is a simple task because professionals can ordinarily set new windows in place without modifying the existing window frame. However, replacing your windows can be more difficult when you are unable to find new windows that are the same size as your existing windows.

Professionals can install new windows that are a different size than your existing window frames, but doing so can entail more labor hours that will increase the cost of replacement. The installation process can vary, but the bottom line is that professionals can replace any window of any size in your home.

2. When Should You Replace Windows?

There are a broad range of reasons why you may want to replace your existing windows. Some reasons for pursuing window replacement include:

  • If you own an older home, some of your windows may start to crack or break.
  • Even if your windows are not broken, you may still want to consider replacement when damage or warping creates holes that let pests in and increase the cost of your energy bills.
  • New windows can save a significant amount of money if your current windows have limited insulation to keep outdoor air from coming inside.
  • You may want to replace your windows for cosmetic reasons when you are considering a large-scale home remodeling project.

3. When Should You Renovate Windows?

Window renovation can be a feasible solution, but viability depends on the circumstances that are present in your situation. Old windows that are built from strong materials can often be made to look like new with a fresh coat of paint or lacquer. Professionals can sand down existing paint or stain while removing minor damage that can accumulate over many years. You can even have professionals replace damaged portions of your windows when you can find parts from your window manufacturer.

Window repairs can be expensive, so replacement is often the best option for dealing with damaged windows.

4. How Many Windows Should You Replace?

As a homeowner, you can choose which windows you want to replace as part of a home remodeling project. In situations where you have damaged windows throughout your property, replacing all of your windows is often necessary. A pattern of window damage indicates that undamaged windows are almost certain to suffer similar damage in the future, so replacement tends to be the best approach.

Replacing all of the windows in your home can also be necessary to give your home a consistent look when your window manufacturer no longer makes the windows that you have. Nevertheless, you can sometimes replace a single window when you can find matching window units and damage is restricted to a single area of your home.

5. The Cost of Window Replacement

You should keep in mind that window replacement is less expensive when you buy large quantities of windows at the same time. Window manufacturers often offer discounts of 40 percent or more per unit when you buy more than a dozen windows. In many cases, therefore, it makes sense to replace all the windows in your home at the same time in order to save money. Low-end vinyl windows cost about $500 per unit while energy-efficient windows can cost $1,200 or more per unit.

You should, however, perceive window replacement as an investment since you will save money on energy bills. You may need to find financing to afford the cost of replacing all the windows in your home.

6. How to Find Deals on Windows

Almost any window manufacturer or store offers deals for certain customers at certain times. Window manufacturers or stores sometimes go out of business, and you can often buy windows from these struggling suppliers at steep discounts when you are one of the first customers at a closeout sale. You can sometimes get deals when you buy directly from a manufacturer and have the windows shipped to your home. Some manufacturers offer significant rebates when you buy under certain conditions.

In general, you can expect to find better deals as you increase the quantity of windows you are seeking to buy. Replacing one window won’t be much of a deal; replacing all of your windows at the same time can come with a bulk discount.

7. Where to Buy New Windows

There are a wide range of sources that you can use to find new windows.

Some of the best sources for buying new windows include:

  • Online stores: Buying online enables you to evaluate all of the available suppliers to find the best price possible.
  • Factory direct: Cutting out the middleman by buying directly from a manufacturer can save money in some cases.
  • Window warehouses: When you are buying large quantities of windows, you can often buy directly from warehouses to save money while still enjoying a wide selection.
  • Local retail stores: Local home improvement stores offer windows, but these stores are often the most expensive option since you have to pay a premium for local retail services.

8. Who’s The Best in Window Installation and Renovation

Unless you are experienced with window installation or renovation, you will have to find a professional service provider that is right for you. If you are buying windows from a leading window brand, professional installation is often included with a window purchase. Having your windows installed by a manufacturer will yield the best results, but this can be very expensive. Most homeowners work with a certified window technician who has been formally trained in window installation and renovation.

Make The Most Out of Your Home with New Windows

Replacing, or even simply renovating, the windows throughout your home brings a fresh new look–and an increase in savings on your utility bills. With better insulation, improved installation techniques, and customizable options, a set of new windows will refresh your home and add value.

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