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9 Great Remote Jobs in India

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By Editorial Staff

More and more Indians are now dropping the nine-to-five drill as remote work has become a new normal in India. A few years back, a study from the Economic Times revealed that 53 percent of India’s workforce prefer telecommuting. The study also found that 61 percent of Indian workers seek better work-life balance and less stress, where most of the stress was coming from the crowded commute and time spent away from family. Later, another study by global research firm IPSOS stated that 57 percent of Indian workers are telecommuting frequently and 32 percent work remotely daily.

Considering this strong desire to work from home — especially in crowded cities like Mumbai — Indian businesses are growingly adopting remote work arrangements. With India’s rapidly increasing tech-savvy populace and a range of innovative businesses, the country is about to be among the world’s upcoming excellent hubs for remote work.

1. Translator

A translator is a person who translates information from one language to another while maintaining the original message, style, and sense. Work opportunities are found in local or international businesses that need translators to communicate with their partners and/or customers who speak different languages.1

To work as a translator, a person should have near-native proficiency in both the source and target languages. Getting a diploma or a certification in the desired language(s) increases the chances of a person getting remote work opportunities as a translator.

The average pay for the remote translator role is INR 408,052.2

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists collect, process, and analyze data to help businesses meet their specific requirements and objectives.3 This is among the most important roles in the industry as more and more businesses are relying on data analytics to boost decision-making.

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Many reputable institutions in India offer bachelor’s degree programs in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and other related fields, which are required to become a data scientist. Also, specialization in particular areas, such as AI, machine learning, or database management, can set a candidate apart from the rest.

No matter where candidates apply for the remote data scientist job across the world, they are highly paid everywhere. In fact, the average pay for a data scientist is INR 823,616.4

3. Transcriber

A transcriber produces written versions of audio/video recordings or live proceedings by listening to the audio and interpreting it into text.5 The purpose is to put spoken words into written records that can be used as a reference. Transcribers get an extensive range of opportunities to use their skills, including recording presentations at conferences and transcribing for journalists taking interviews.

To get a job for the transcriber role, it is important to have at least a high school diploma. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree, quick typing speed, great reading skills, detail orientation, and proficiency in multiple software have higher chances to land a job in this career path.

On average, the pay for the remote transcriber job is INR 360,000.6

4. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are professionals who produce accurate, up-to-date financial records about a business.7 They are responsible for categorizing all transactions, reconciling the company’s bank accounts, generating major financial statements, and handling bills and invoices. Mostly, their reports are sent to business owners and managers to aid in decision-making.

To become a certified bookkeeper, a formal education isn’t important. This job is mainly dependent on skills and experience. Some of the key skills a bookkeeper should have are:

Indians who have most of these skills can expect to receive an average pay of INR 250,099 for remote bookkeeper jobs.8

5. Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer researches, designs, and builds self-running artificial intelligence systems for the automation of predictive analytics.9 They also develop programs for controlling computers and robots.

To become a machine learning engineer, a person should have:

An Indian ML engineer can receive an average pay of INR 703,084 for a remote job.10

6. Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists are responsible for generating and handling content on all social media platforms to promote customer engagement and brand awareness.11 These professionals set social media strategies, analyze data across multiple platforms, produce content, run ads, and manage campaigns.

No formal education is required for this job. However, having a bachelor’s in journalism, marketing, or communications can make a good difference. Some important skills a person needs to have for this job are:

On average, the pay Indians can get for the remote social media specialist job is INR 345,274.12

7. Internet Analyst

An internet analyst is a professional who focuses on trend and data reporting. They study different online marketing acquisition strategies and explore new opportunities while becoming familiar with internet users’ behavior and experiences.

To become an internet analyst, one must have:

Indians who work remotely as internet analysts receive an average pay of INR 366,395.13

8. eCommerce Business Seller

An eCommerce business seller is responsible for creating and executing eCommerce marketing and business strategies to promote the products and services of an online business. They possess excellent knowledge of the industry, including competitive marketing strategies, market trends, consumer research, and product development.

To get this job, a person should possess marketing and sales knowledge, an understanding of merchandising, and analytical, communication, and critical-thinking skills. A strong educational background in business, digital marketing, or related fields is a must.

Indians who are working as remote eCommerce business sellers get average pay of INR 479,323.14

9. Freelancer

Freelancers are self-employed people who get paid for providing online services to clients from any industry. These services can be related to any field, such as accounting, software development, design, business, or marketing. They usually earn money on a per-job basis, charging fixed or hourly rates for their services, and work on short-term, as well as long-term jobs.

To get a freelance job, the person must be fully skilled in the service(s) they provide, as well as organized and disciplined. Freelancers can either use third-party platforms — such as UpWork, which is great for finding freelance jobs—  or use their own network to get more work and provide services to their clients directly.15

The average pay Indians can get for their freelance writing jobs is INR 360,000,16 while freelancer designers can make INR 318,000.17

Editorial Staff



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