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Accelerate With a Nissan Rogue Thanks To These 2023 Deals

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By Christopher Brown

The Nissan Rogue has quickly captured the hearts of American drivers with its sleek design, advanced safety features, smooth performance, and spacious interior. This compact crossover raises the bar and continues to impress, making it a top choice for those in the market for a stylish, safe, and fuel-efficient SUV. If you’re considering a Nissan Rogue, you’re in luck! Plenty of deals are available for 2023 models, and we’re here to guide you through the process. So, buckle up and keep reading to learn more about scoring a great deal on your very own Nissan Rogue!

Shutterstock: Vasyutenko Galina

Don’t Pay Full Price

Finding a great deal on a new Nissan Rogue doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a bit of research and persistence, you can secure a price below the MSRP.1 Here are several strategies to help you save on your new Nissan Rogue:

By employing these strategies, you can pay less than the MSRP on a new Nissan Rogue and drive away with an excellent deal on your dream SUV. Remember, persistence and research are key to securing the best possible price.

2023 Nissan Rogue

MSRP: $27,3602

The 2023 Rogue distinguishes itself with a unique turbocharged three-cylinder engine and fuel efficiency that outshines its competition. It also offers a long list of standard technology and convenience features, including:

The Nissan Rogue is perfect for running errands and comfortable road trips, but it’s not the best choice for off-roading compared to some SUVs in its class.

2022 Nissan Rogue

MSRP: $26,7003

The 2022 Rogue is similar to the 2023 model, boasting a three-cylinder engine with 201-horsepower and improved fuel efficiency thanks to its transmission. This Rogue offers a roomy cabin, generous cargo space, and a wide array of standard and optional features, such as:

Though the 2022 Rogue isn’t fresh off the assembly line, it remains one of the best compact SUVs in its class. With many dealerships still carrying Nissan Rogues, you may be able to score significant savings on this 2022 edition.

Seek Out The Best Deals

Finding the best deals on Nissan Rogues may vary by dealership, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strategize to find the perfect Nissan Rogue near you. Remember, the sticker price is merely a suggestion, and dealers will offer incentives, especially on models that aren’t selling well.

Research available features, options, and pricing to be in a better position to negotiate with the dealer. Keep an eye on your calendar for upcoming seasonal or holiday sales, as dealers may have more incentives to offer. In no time, you’ll be turning heads in your new Nissan Rogue.

Christopher Brown



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