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Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards in 2019

4 minute read

By natadm

Credit card debt often feels like a never-ending cycle due to high interest rates. According to Nerd Wallet, 48 percent of American households have a revolving credit card balance and owe an average of $6,929. Even worse, these credit card holders rack up an annual interest rate that averages $1,141.1

Clearly, help is needed to reduce these astronomic figures, which is where balance transfers can make a huge difference. By choosing a balance transfer that offers a temporary zero percent interest rate, you can dramatically speed up the time frame of paying off your debt.

If you want to make your debt disappear faster in 2019, be sure to consider one of the following balance transfer credit cards. Keep in mind that it’s always wise to carefully consider each card’s pros and cons before you make a decision. Per, each of these cards is meant for consumers who have a credit score ranging from 670 to 850.2

Discover It Balance Transfer Card

Do you want to reduce your expenses without giving up the perks associated with a rewards card? That’s exactly what Discover provides! You’ll also receive free Social Security number alerts and free FICO credit score updates. Plus, customer service for this card is 100 percent U.S. based.


Average Savings

If your current APR is 15 percent, you can save an estimated $335 for every $2,500 you transfer to the Discover It card.3

Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Card

Consumers who are looking for a way to reduce their debt and increase their spending power at the same time should definitely check out Capital One’s Quicksilver Rewards Card. This card has two very nice perks. You’ll get zero percent interest on new purchases for 15 months, plus a $150 cash bonus if you spend more than $500 in the first three months.


Average Savings

Consumers who transfer $2,500 from an existing 15 percent APR account to the Capital One Quicksilver card will save $335.4

BankAmericard Credit Card

BankAmericard, from Bank of America, gives new cardholders up to 60 days to transfer a balance for their intro rate. This credit card also offers something very special for consumers who occasionally pay late. Unlike most other cards, BankAmericard doesn’t impose an automatic APR penalty. In other words, you don’t have to worry about automatically triggering a higher APR because you made a payment after the due date. On top of that, cardholders get free access to their FICO score online.


Average Savings

If you transfer $2,500 from a card with a 15 percent APR, you’ll save an average of $430.5

Chase Freedom Unlimited

This credit card offers a nice extra incentive. If you spend $500 within the first 90 days, you’ll receive a $150 bonus. The Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards card also features a cash back option that never expires as long as your account remains active. There’s no minimum requirement to redeem your cash back bonus. Weekly credit card score updates are provided via CreditJourney.


Average Savings

You can save $317 by transferring $2,500 from a credit card with a 15 percent APR.6

Citi Simplicity Card – No Late Fees Ever

As the name implies, the Citi Simplicity Card stands out by offering no late fees for life. Additionally, the card comes with the promise of zero penalty rates, which makes this a very enticing option for many consumers. You’ll also be able to select your due date.


Average Savings

Save approximately $455 by transferring $2,500 from an existing card with a 15 percent APR.7




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