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Budget Friendly Tour Companies To Travel With In Asia

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By Ryan Pratt

It’s no surprise that many vacationers find it daunting to plan their trip to Asia, given its geographical size and the wealth of culturally diverse attractions to see. From breathtaking getaways to adventurous treks, the number of travel options can be overwhelming.

Luckily, a variety of reputable tour companies are available to simplify your travel itinerary, while saving you time and money along the way. These budget friendly tour operators have access to just about every historical, natural, and world-class hot spot you can imagine, so let’s explore the best of the bunch.

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Europamundo Vacations

Europamundo Vacations offers memorable getaways with a firm eye on your travel budget, meaning that all prices are guaranteed and no supplemental charges will occur once you depart. This is good news for people who dread having to tip in a currency they barely understand!

While Europamundo isn’t the cheapest travel company on this list, they do offer competitively priced trips across the entire continent. Whether you want to visit modern or traditional China, hop between Japan’s world-class cities, or overlook the Dead Seas in Jordan, this tour operator is highly respected and certified.

G Adventures

G Adventures is the go-to tour company for small-group travel, offering both affordable “mini-adventures” for the young professional crowd as well as country-wide treks for all ages. Many of these getaways cost less than $90 per day 1.

Flexible scheduling is available for popular tours like a 5-day excursion from Cambodia to Bangkok. If you’re interested in a longer expedition, the Epic Vietnam trip is a two-week cultural tour that begins in Hanoi and ends in Ho Chi Minh City 2!

Intrepid Travel

This tour company is dedicated to empowering the communities it frequents, and is all about sustainable travel. If you consider yourself a global citizen, Intrepid Travel offers meaningful, carbon-neutral tours that won’t break the bank.

The company’s tight relationships with local guides ensure that your experience will be an authentic one. Pick from a variety of immersive and cultural India packages for less than $80 per day 3. Want to keep moving? Spectacular hiking trips through Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia are available as well.

Exodus Travels

Loungers beware: Exodus Travel specializes in crafting adventures rather than vacations. This means that travelers can find many opportunities to explore Asia on foot or by bike.

Criss-cross the forests and castles of Cypress with an eight-day trek to Larnaca, or soak up Udaipur (the romance capital of India) and see the Taj Mahal. Both options are available for less than $200 per day 4.


Cosmos believes that everyone should be able to afford a life-changing travel experience, which is why their “Affordable Dreams” initiative offers tours for under $1,200 5. For around that price, you can explore India’s Golden Triangle with an eight-day tour through New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

If you have a bit more money to spend, Thailand is calling! Cosmos offers a 12-day tour that begins in Bangkok before visiting the country’s most cherished temples and Buddha statues. This scenic package is available for $173 per day 6.


Much like Contiki tours, TruTravels promises to bring a party atmosphere to any destination. The tour operator offers wallet-friendly group getaways for young professionals who want to see the world.

Travelers can bask in the beaches of Sri Lanka, learn to surf in Bali, or stay up late with a Full Moon package for under $150 per day 7. For a few dollars more, survey the exotic wildlife of the Komodo Islands in Indonesia.

Save Time, Money, And Worry

If you’re eager to head east but having trouble planning your Asian getaway, shopping around for a budget friendly tour company is a great place to start. Not only do these tour operators have the connections to save you money on local travel and accommodations, but they also take responsibility for the annoying logistics. This will spare you time and stress, allowing you to focus on the exciting prospects of your Asian adventure.

With detailed itineraries focused on cultural tours, adventure treks and even faith-based travel, a tour operator might have the exact getaway you’ve been trying to plan yourself. In any case, their online brochures will introduce you to new destinations and offer unique travel tips, which could prove useful even if you opt to plan the trip yourself.

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