Cruising Through Europe More Popular Than Ever Before

See the top-rated European cruises of 2017 below and get sailing.

Do you think a European vacation will run your pockets? Think again.

While it will probably never be where it was in the early and mid 1980s when The Love Boat gave the industry an hour-long commercial on network television every Friday night, cruises are making a big comeback in popularity and Europe is the go-to destination for 2017.

Cruises can be a more economical form of travel as is – due to included meals, free entertainment on the boat, and more. On top of that, the popularity of European cruises has forced many cruise lines to double or triple the amount of European sailings they have.

So what does that mean for savings? It means cruise prices are plummeting, especially when a ship doesn’t completely fill all of its cabins. Unlike hotels that can fill a room late night, cruise cabins get left empty once the ship sets sail. So instead of leaving cabins empty, they lower prices until all cabins are filled up. This is a win-win.

Top Cruises of 2017

Serenade of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International: This is the THE cruise if you’re looking to hit the big ports of call in Russia and Scandinavia, but still have the massive cruise ship experience. Leaving from Copenhagen, Denmark, there are 7- and 10-day routes that, depending on your cabin, can be had for between $150 and $300 per passenger.

Regal Princess – Princess Cruises: You’ll see Russia, Scandinavia, and other parts of Eastern Europe depending on the exact route you book, but Princess Cruises really are all about their ships sparing little expense on the onboard experience, including dining and entertainment. If you’re looking for an international experience, this is your boat as passengers from around the globe tend to favor the Regal Princess.

Norwegian Epic – Norwegian Cruise Lines: If the cold waters of Russian and Scandinavian aren’t your thing, the Norwegian Epic might be your ride. The week long journey starting and ending in Rome also stops in Cannes, Barcelona, Naples and Florence is perfect for newlyweds or those looking to rekindle the romantic flame. Available for under $100/night on many travel sites, it’s also among the most affordable European cruises.

Viking Ingvi – Viking River Cruises: With a 98% positive rating on, it’s hard to imagine where you’d go wrong on this week-long (or 11-day, depending on which trip you choose) journey up Europe’s Rhine and Danube rivers. Stops include Budapest, Vienna and Munich and Prague. With only 190 passengers (it’s not a massive ship), you won’t feel overwhelmed with the number of people sharing your vacation.

How Do You Find These Deals?

With a little planning and a lot of research, you can take the vacation of a lifetime without breaking the bank. But you can’t rely on cruise lines to give you these deals on the spot or for their websites to reflect their lowest prices. That’s because they can’t give everyone these deals.

So how can you access them? Sometimes, with as little as an online search.

Featured Tip

Don’t let your vacation days go to waste – make sure you travel! Only 23% of full-time employees use all of their days off each year, Forbes reports.