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Developer Jobs in Germany for Indians: Get Paid To Work for a German Company

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By Tim Kaechle

For many Indian technology professionals, travelling abroad to live and work in a new country is the dream. For those with an eye on Germany, high salaries, great working conditions and excellent quality of life are some of the perks of achieving this dream. Luckily, with relaxed immigration rules and a need for hundreds of thousands1 of tech professionals, Germany can be a reality for Indians with the right skills.

Why Indians Should Look for Developer Work in Germany

In practical terms, Germany has one of the highest salaries for technology professionals in the EU. In fact, the country has the fifth-largest information technology market in the world, and it’s growing2 by leaps and bounds.

But there’s more to life than money, and Germany shines in this regard, too. High quality of life, generous vacation time, and great work-life balance are all reasons Indians should consider a developer job in Germany. The country’s people are also quite welcoming to foreigners, making it an all-around wonderful place for Indian IT professionals to immigrate to.


Use the Right Sites for Developer Jobs in Germany

Before you begin your search, you’ll want to take the time to fill out your profiles on sites like Indeed3 and LinkedIn.4 As a developer, you’ll want to add other relevant links to these, such as your GitHub and StackOverflow profiles. That said, while these sites are popular all over the world, you’ll want to expand your search to German resources as well.

The first one you’ll want to use is the Bundesagentur für Arbeit website.5 The Bundesagentur für Arbeit is a federal labour agency that assists foreigners with finding jobs. In addition to a job board, it also provides training and schooling in both the professional realm and in learning the German language.

Send Focused Applications and Resumes

When you’re applying abroad, it’s tempting to send off as many resumes as possible in hopes and getting a callback. But a better strategy is to focus on positions relevant to your skills and take the time to research the companies you apply to. Then, tailor your resume and application to highlight your skills so that you stand out from the crowd.

It’s also a good idea to mention that you’re committed to moving to and living in Germany. This helps present yourself as a safe bet to companies. Any notes you can add that help reinforce this will strengthen your application. For example, if you have family and friends already living in Germany, don’t hesitate to mention it.

Take the Time to Learn the Language

Speaking fluent German isn’t mandatory for getting a developer job in Germany. A lot of people in Germany are bilingual, speaking both German and English. This is especially true if you’re looking at positions in large corporations or high-tech startups. If your English is good, your chances aren’t bad.

That said, if you have the time and resources to learn German, it will vastly improve your chances in the German job market. Germany is friendly to foreigners, which means there are many highly qualified professionals seeking job placement. If you speak the local language fluently, you’ll set yourself apart in a highly competitive field.

1. Software Developer Jobs

Germany is in the midst of a digital transformation, with software becoming core to nearly every business. It’s no wonder, then, that the average salary for senior software developers is around €74,000 per year.6

One of the most in-demand languages is Java, so if you have experience writing it, you’ll be ahead of the competition curve. That said, there’s still strong demand in Germany for people with expertise in software areas such as data analytics, data science and even QA, so there are plenty of options available.

2. Web Developer Jobs

With an average salary of €61,5797 for senior devs in Germany, web development is an excellent option. In larger tech hubs, such as Berlin, web development is especially popular, with a new startup being founded every 20 minutes.8

As a web developer, your portfolio matters considerably, so take the time to polish it before you begin applying to German companies. This means making sure your projects are technically sound, but it also means demonstrating your brand as a developer to potential employers. In other words, don’t be afraid to show a little personality.

3. Application Developer Jobs

Like other development fields, there’s a big demand for application developers in Germany, especially for those with experience developing mobile applications. Annual salaries for senior app developers in Germany are around €60,984.9

Munch is a great German city to aim for. As one of the country’s tech meccas, this city has ample opportunities for app developers, especially expert iPhone and Android devs. It’s in this digital hub that you’ll find German offices for tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM and more.

4. General Programming Jobs

For developers in Germany, specialization is the way to go. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities for Indians seeking a general programming position. If you’re a well-rounded programmer with adequate experience, you can still expect to earn about €48,38610 annually.

In fact, if this describes your skill set, you should take a close look at Hamburg. This large city isn’t the digital hub that Munich or Berlin is, but it’s a technology leader in its own right. Hamburg is Europe’s leading game development city, employing more than 5,000 tech workers that build free-to-play and browser-based games. It’s also considerably cheaper than the other two locations, which offsets the marginally lower salaries.

5. Cyber Security Jobs

Indians specialized in other areas of IT aren’t without opportunities in Germany. Cyber security professionals, for example, can expect to make an impressive €76,23911 per annum. Better still, the high demand and high salary for cyber security professionals mean Indians with the right expertise have much more flexibility on where they live in Germany.

That said, if you’re thinking of applying for cyber security jobs in Germany, you’ll want to take a close look at Frankfurt. While this city is less than half the size of Germany’s tech hubs, it’s considered the capital for all things cyber security, fintech and blockchain.

6. Information Security Jobs

As with cyber security professionals, there’s high demand in Germany for professionals specialized in information security. For example, the average salary for an information security officer is €69,54712 in Germany.

Also like cyber security professionals, those with expertise in information security should consider Frankfurt for their job search. As a growing fintech hub, Frankfurt has an equally growing need for competent information security professionals, especially those with expertise in compliance requirements and data protection.

Acing the Interviews

Once you polish your resume and apply to developer positions in Germany, it’s only a matter of time before you get a callback. But your challenge isn’t over yet — as an individual abroad, you’ll likely need to get through at least two technical interviews before you land a job. You’ll likely have to pass an additional round of interviews with the HR department, too.

Keep in mind that most hiring managers want to see that your foundations are rock solid. Take some time and brush up on your understanding of fundamentals such as algorithms, data structures, memory management and time and space complexity.

Immigrate to Germany with a Fast Track Immigration Program

The best part about choosing to live and work in Germany is that it’s considerably easier when compared to other European countries. In 2020, the German government acknowledged the growing need for technology experts by loosening immigration laws for foreign talent. This means it’s far easier and faster for Indians to receive a work visa or permit.

If you’re an experienced Indian tech professional and land a job offer from a German company, you only need to hand a copy of the contract to a German embassy to receive a visa. In other words, it’s never been easier to turn your dream of living abroad into a reality.

Tim Kaechle


Tim Kaechle is a freelance writer and digital nomad who loves learning and creating things for the web. When he’s not busy writing about his myriad interests, he’s brushing up on his programming and digital design skills, all while wandering the world in search of new experiences.


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