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Dog Food Brands That Won’t Break the Bank

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By Chelsea Dolan

As the pet industry has grown, so have its prices. Pet owners have had to pay more and more just to keep their pets happy and healthy, which can be especially difficult when money is tight or unexpected expenses arise. It may seem that your only option is to provide your pup with the most expensive food you can find at the grocery store, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many budget-friendly dog food brands out there that are more affordable.

There are plenty of dog food brands to consider. You can choose a brand that has quality food and affordable prices — you just have to know where to look.

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Here are some quality dog food brands that won’t break the bank.

Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals is a great choice for owners looking to keep their pet’s food budget low without sacrificing quality. This brand offers a variety of formulas that are made with real meat, including turkey, chicken and salmon. Each of these tasty and high-quality proteins will not only support your dog’s muscle health, but also make for an excellent source of energy.¹

At less than one dollar per pound, Diamond Naturals is one of the more affordable options for those who want to feed their dog dry food while sticking to a budget.² You can find out where this brand of dog food is sold near you by visiting the Diamond Naturals website.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of The Wild is a great choice for owners looking to feed their puppy or adult dog on a budget. Dog Food Advisor says a bag of dry dog food from the brand will cost about $1.76 per pound. Not only is the first ingredient in every formula real meat, fish or fowl, but this brand uses unique proteins that are less common among popular dog food brands.

Some flavorful blends your dog can indulge on include:³

American Journey

There’s no shortage of tasty food options from American Journey. Its dry dog food is grain-free, which is great because PetMD says these types of formulas may have a higher proportion of meat in them.⁴ Whatever flavor your dog is craving, American Journey can provide thanks to its long list of formulas.

The average price for this brand is $1.78 per pound. There are plenty of kibble flavors they can enjoy such as:⁵

Dr. Tim’s Pet Foods

No matter your dog’s age or lifestyle, Dr. Tim’s has premium pet food to power them through the day. Proteins in this brand’s food are 87 percent animal derived on average and formulated with plenty of wholesome ingredients.⁶ The foods are also free of antibiotics and hormones, contain fish-derived omega 3 fatty acids and veterinarian formulated.

Dog Food Advisor says the price averages at about $1.88 per pound. Dr. Tim’s dog food is reasonably priced, and you can find it at your local Target. It’s also available to shop online at Chewy, PetFlow and HeartyPet.⁷

Victor Pet Food

Victor Pet Food is one of our top choices for any dog owner looking to save money. The brand believes that every ingredient in your pet’s food should serve a nutritional purpose. Whether your pet is a puppy, adult or senior, there are products available for every life stage formulated with the help of nutritionists.⁸

Pricing for Victor Pet Food is around $1.52 per pound and you can shop for Victor Pet Food in stores or online.

Compare Dog Food Brands Online

You can find the lowest dog food price and compare the nutritional value of various brands with a search online. Once you’ve decided on the right brand, see if any websites offer coupons or promo codes to save extra money.

Consider filtering your results by price range. This can help narrow down you options if you have a specific price point in mind. Of course, make sure to speak with your pet’s veterinarian before switching them to a new food or special diet. This will ensure your pet is getting the proper nutrition and food they need to thrive.

Chelsea Dolan



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