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3 Reasons to Give Takeaway Services a Try

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By natadm

Who doesn’t love takeaway? Whether you’re simply too tired to cook or treating yourself at the end of a long week, ordering takeaway from your favorite restaurant is the perfect way to indulge and relax. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home – or even your sofa – to dine on delicious meals.

Takeaway has long been popular in the UK, with people throughout the country ordering pizza, Chinese, and other types of cuisine from local takeaway spots. However, thanks to today’s technology, takeaway is seeing a big surge and becoming more popular than ever before.1 Now, you can place takeaway orders right from your smartphone via takeaway and delivery apps.

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Are you still on the fence about ordering takeaway? Here are three ways takeaway can make your life easier and how you can place an order with your favourite restaurants right now.

1. Helps You Save Time

Above all else, takeaway makes life easier by saving you time.

It’s difficult to accomplish every task you’d like to when you’re busy. With daily commutes, full work days, and plenty of chores to tackle at home, every day can be challenging to balance. That makes even simple actions, like cooking dinner at home, very time-consuming.

According to recent survey responses, 52 percent of Brits order takeaway because they’re busy. Plus, 45 percent simply don’t have the time to prepare and cook meals.2

Takeaway can make these busy days easier. Instead of spending an hour or more grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and cleaning dishes, you can order takeaway. Your food will be delivered quickly, right to your doorstep – and you don’t have to do anything after you place your order.

2. Enjoy Delicious, Restaurant-Quality Food at Home

If you’re tired of dining on your own home-cooked meals, you’re likely looking to restaurants to try something new and different. However, you don’t have to leave home to enjoy a tasty meal cooked by a professional. Instead, just order takeaway.

Takeaway gives people everywhere the opportunity to indulge in delicious restaurant food at home. You can order in when you:

It’s becoming increasingly easier to order takeaway from the best restaurants in your local area. More and more restaurants are now offering takeaway, whether they offer delivery directly from their restaurant or via a takeaway delivery app. With home delivery demand growing 10 times faster than restaurant dining, restaurant-quality meals can be delivered to your door anytime you’d like.

Even pubs are getting in on the takeaway trend. NPD Group reports that traditional British pubs are now offering takeaway.

3. Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

One of the reasons many people continue to cook at home instead of ordering takeaway is the cost. Eating out – even if the meal is delivered to your door – is expensive. In fact, it’s often far more expensive than taking the time to shop, prepare, and clean up a meal you cook at home.

However, takeaway isn’t as costly as you might expect.

NPD Group found that the average takeaway bill for delivered food is actually a bit cheaper than dining at a restaurant. While some meals came out to about £1 less in total, other takeaway meals were significantly cheaper. For example, local ethnic restaurants that typically charged £12 for a meal only charged £6.90 for the same meals via takeaway.3

If you’re looking for an affordable, effortless alternative to cooking at home or dining out, takeaway can be the perfect option.

Top Takeaway Delivery Services in the U.K.

Now that you know the benefits of takeaway, you’re likely ready to order a delicious meal right away. Fortunately, it’s now incredibly easy to do exactly that.

While takeaway could only be ordered by phone in years past, you can now browse hundreds of local restaurants’ menus right from your computer or smartphone. You can order takeaway from restaurants both large and small, and the food can be delivered in no time at all.

If you’re looking for takeaway delivery services that will allow you to order from a wide variety of different restaurants, check out these top options.


Deliveroo has been delivering takeaway orders from hundreds of restaurants throughout the UK since 2013. You’ll find nearly every kind of cuisine on the Deliveroo website or app, including burgers, pizza, sushi, and breakfast foods. You can even order groceries from supermarkets and off-licenses.
In fact, Deliveroo is even the exclusive delivery service of some popular chain restaurants, like Wagamama and Pizza Pilgrims.

Just Eat

If you think Deliveroo has plenty of restaurants to choose from, you’ll be blown away by the selection on Just Eat. This takeaway delivery service has a huge coverage area. As such, it’s a major force within the UK.

Just Eat will send couriers to local restaurants to pick up your takeaway order and bring it right to your doorstep. Even better, Just Eat runs frequent promotions, like Cheeky Tuesday (20 percent off orders), which gives you the chance to save.


First formed in the United States, UberEats is a spinoff of Uber. Uber drivers head to local restaurants to pick up your takeaway orders, then deliver them to your home.

Although UberEats is still a newcomer in the UK, it’s an app that makes it incredibly easy to place orders for takeaway. You can find special offers from local restaurants in the app, find restaurants that meet your dietary restrictions and even find UberEats specials.4