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Save on Printer Ink When Buying Online

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By natadm

It’s always convenient to have a working printer at home. However, a printer is a pricey device to own. All printers require ink. The average printer ink costs up to £5.92 per ml. That means the average household can pay up to £639 per year on ink alone.1 This is an expensive price to pay just to be able to use your printer — and that doesn’t even include the cost of paper.

Fortunately, there are ways to save money simply by purchasing cartridges online. There are decisions you can make as a consumer that will save you money on ink cartridges. Additionally, online companies are doing what they can to give consumers major discounts on their products.


Here’s how you can save money on printer ink online.

Tips to Save on Printing

Once your printer is at home, it can be easy to print pages blissfully without thinking about how much it will cost you later on. Being more mindful of your printing habits can help you save money on ink in the long run.

Keep these general tips in mind to make your current ink cartridge last longer.

Buy a Reservoir Printer

If you’re looking to buy a printer, consider investing in a reservoir printer. These printers typically have ink included in the device that can last consumers for up to two years.

Plus, ink replacements for these printers can cost as less than £20.2

Choose Grayscale

Grayscale printing uses the black ink cartridge to produce gray tones instead of using the coloured cartridge. Using coloured cartridges to produce black printing uses ink a lot faster. So, make sure to put your printer settings on grayscale mode before your next print job.

Keep Your Printer Turned On

This is one of the easiest ways to save ink. When your printer is restarted, it goes through a maintenance cycle. This can consume up to 20 to 30 percent of the ink per cartridge.

Keeping your printer on will reduce the number of maintenance cycles it goes through and saves ink.3

Buy Third-Party Ink

When the time does come to buy new ink cartridges, consider purchasing from third-party companies. These companies sell recycled and refilled cartridges at a fraction of the cost.

To be on the safe side, look for satisfaction guarantees when shopping on third-party sites.

Where to Find the Cheapest Printer Ink

You can save a lot of money on printer ink simply by finding the right retailer. There are plenty of online retailers that sell cartridges for low prices, in addition to regular promotions and sales.

Here are four online businesses in the UK to consider purchasing from.

1. Cartridge World

With Cartridge World, it’s easy to find ink cartridges compatible with your printer. On the homepage, select the make, family, and model of your printer to see the available products.

Cartridge World offers free delivery on orders over £10. Plus, you can get 10 percent off your first order of of Cartridge World branded cartridges by signing up for the site’s discount club.4


Voted the number one cartridge retailer in the UK by consumers on Trustpilot, has over 4200 products to browse on their website. With such a big selection, you can choose what you need and get it delivered the next day. Plus, the site offers a free recycling program to dispose of your used ink cartridges.5

3. sells quality ink at factory-direct prices. The site sells both remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges to help customers save money on ink. Make sure to be on the lookout for money-saving promotions such as their buy two cartridges, get one free deal.6

4. Cartridge Save

This highly rated company has free next-day delivery and guarantees the lowest prices. If you find cheaper ink cartridges at another retailer within seven days of purchasing from Cartridge Save, the company will refund 100 percent of the difference.7

Subscribe to an Ink Delivery Service

Instead of buying ink cartridges once you’re running low on supply, consider trying an ink delivery service. This cost-saving initiative gives consumers the option of delivering ink straight to their door when you need it.8

HP established its Instant Ink delivery service in 2013. With currently two million subscribers, the service is a success. Different subscription plans charge you based on how many pages you print and will send you ink before you run out. It costs as little as £1.99 per month, and there is even a free printing plan. The monthly fee pays for ink, shipping, and recycling.9

Other companies, such as Epson and Brother, provide their own versions of ink delivery services. Compare the different delivery services these businesses offer to see which one is best for you.

Compare Your Ink Options Online

There are a ton of ways you can save money on ink cartridges. Printing fewer sheets, using grayscale mode, and keeping your printer turned on are easy things you can do every day to save ink. When you’re buying new ink, going online and shopping through third-party retailers or supply stores that sell cartridges at affordable prices can save you money.

When shopping, search on different websites to see which place can offer you the best deal on ink. Many of them offer promotions and loyalty savings that can further reduce your total at checkout. Make sure to look for companies that offer free shipping and low price guarantees to maximize on savings.