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Everything You Need to Know About Android Auto

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By Christopher Brown

It’s not a stretch to claim that technology has made our lives more convenient. The automotive sector certainly isn’t immune to the ever expanding reach of technological innovations. Android Auto is one such innovation that allows drivers to have access to various features on their smartphones while on the road.

This smart driving companion can help you focus on the road while also providing you with access to essential smartphone features like messaging, navigation, music, and more. Today, we’ll discuss the finer points of Android Auto, including its features, how it works, and a few pros and cons of this exciting and helpful platform.

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What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a software platform designed to keep drivers connected to their Android smartphones via the vehicle’s infotainment system. First introduced in 2014, Android Auto has since become a popular choice among technology in the automotive industry.1

It’s a free app that is downloaded from the Google Play Store, and it works with Android 5.0 and later versions. The smartphone app is compatible with most car models, and offers a wide range of features designed to make driving more convenient and much safer.

How Does Android Auto Work?

Android Auto uses a smartphone app to connect your mobile device to your vehicle’s infotainment system using a USB cable or Bluetooth.2 Once connected, it will display a simplified version of the phone’s interface on the car’s screen. The interface is designed to be easy to use and provides quick access to the essential features of your phone, such as navigation, music, and messaging.

It supports various apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, and WhatsApp, and even allows you to make and receive phone calls, and send text messages using voice commands. You can use Google Assistant to perform various tasks, such as playing music, setting reminders, or checking the weather, or use the third-party apps of your choice.

Android Auto Features

Android Auto comes with a range of features that make driving safer and more convenient.3 Some of the most notable features include:


Android Auto allows you to use Google Maps or Waze for navigation. It displays real-time traffic information, provides turn-by-turn directions, and gives you estimated arrival times. You can also use voice commands to ask for directions, find nearby gas stations, or search for points of interest.


Android Auto enables you to play music from various sources, including Spotify, Google Play Music, and Pandora. It displays album artwork, allows you to browse your library, and provides quick access to your favorite playlists.


Android Auto allows you to send and receive text messages using voice commands. It reads your messages out loud, and you can dictate your replies without taking your hands off the wheel.

Voice commands

Android Auto supports Google Assistant, which allows you to perform various tasks using voice commands. You can ask Google Assistant to play music, navigate to a destination, or send a message. Google Assistant is a handy feature that allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Pros and Cons of Android Auto

Like any technology, Android Auto has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Android Auto:


Android Auto Cons

Stay Safely Connected

Android Auto is an innovative tool that boosts safety and makes for a more convenient driving experience. However, Android Auto has its pros and cons. It is still limited in terms of app selection and customization and is only as dependable as your phone’s data connection.

Overall, Android Auto is still a remarkable technological innovation that’s only getting better with the passage of time. If you are looking for a way to stay connected while on the road, Android Auto is definitely worth checking out.

Christopher Brown



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