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No Exam Pet Insurance Makes Sure Your Pet’s Get Full Coverage

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By Chelsea Dolan

Perhaps the only disadvantage of adopting a pet is having to pay for medical bills when they get sick or injured. A trip to the veterinarian’s office is not cheap, especially when the average visit costs anywhere from $50 to $400.1 Extra fees pet owners should be aware of include medicine, wellness checks, and emergency visits that you can’t always be financially prepared for. Luckily, insurance can help pay for many costs related to your pet’s well-being. You can find out how much money insurance saves you in the long term with a search online.

There are different types of insurance to consider, such as no exam pet insurance. Search online to find out what insurance companies offer plans that are more practical for pet owners.

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Here’s everything you need to know about no exam pet insurance.

What Is No Exam Pet Insurance?

While insurance is worth it for your pet, the costs to actually qualify for coverage can be expensive. Many insurance companies require pets to go through a physical exam before getting approved for a policy.

The major downside to this is these tests are pricey and they don’t even guarantee that your pet will end up with a policy. Even worse, you won’t be paid back for these tests, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Also, companies can look at your pet’s medical history and add exclusions to your policy or reject them altogether.

If they don’t ask for a physical check, the insurance company will request to see all of your pet’s veterinary medical records beforehand.

According to PetFirst, the estimated cost of routine screenings and fees is anywhere from $620 to $1,205. For these routine health screenings, you will likely be charged for:

When searching for an insurance company, choose no exam pet insurance. These companies do not require a complete health history or exam for your pet. You won’t have to worry about being denied a policy simply because of their breed, age, or pre-existing conditions. At most, these companies will require the last 12 months of veterinary records upon filing your first claim.

Why Choose No Exam Pet Insurance

It’s important to note that no insurance company covers pre-existing conditions. The upside to choosing a no exam company is that you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket for mandatory medical exams and sharing your pet’s entire medical history.

Despite not offering coverage for pre-existing conditions, these insurance companies can help pay for just about everything else. Some services you may be able to have covered includes:

Make sure to look into various insurance companies to ensure your pet’s current and future needs will be covered. Some insurers may offer supplemental insurance that you can add-on to your policy.3

Best Insurance Providers

If you’re ready to sign your pet up for insurance, there are plenty of companies to choose from. Here are a few no exam providers to consider.


ASPCA offers pet owners Complete Coverage insurance plans. From dental diseases to behavioral issues to accidents and beyond, you can expect to receive coverage on most of your pet’s needs. What’s great is the ASPCA resets your coverage limits each year so your pet has the coverage they need throughout their life.4

In addition to Complete Coverage, customers have the options of buying an Accident-Only plan. You can also add Preventative Care Coverage that can help pay for things like vaccines, dental cleanings, and screenings.5

The only things not covered by ASPCA are cosmetic procedures, breeding costs, and pre-existing conditions.


With short waiting periods and flexible coverage, PetFirst is a good option for homes with multiple pets. The company offers family plans, allowing you to cover all of your animals with one policy.

Pet insurance plans start at $15 per month for dogs and $9 per month for cats. To enroll, all you have to do is complete three quick steps either online or over the phone.6

Policyholders can use any licensed veterinarian in the country and have their claim processed within 10 days. Plus, customers can take advantage of discounted rates and deductible savings.7


Pay as little as 67 cents per day for a pet insurance plan with TrustedPals. The company offers plans for all budgets and most health needs, without costing extra based on your pet’s breed or age. The company also donates one percent of all profits to help pets without a home after a natural disaster.

One option to consider is the Wellness Plan. This plan gives you $750 each year to spend on wellness checks, flea or tick prevention, prescribed food or supplements, and more. Other things you can have covered by TrustedPals include training and therapy, prescription medication, and accident coverage.8

Sign Up for Pet Insurance Online

Avoid paying thousands in veterinarian fees by signing your pet up for no exam insurance coverage. This can be especially helpful if your pet ever experiences an unexpected health problem or requires frequent healthcare.

To get started, shop around different insurers and ask for quotes. You can call or get one online in just minutes. Compare the various rates to see which company can give you the best deal without sacrificing any necessary coverage.

Chelsea Dolan



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