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Remote Work Opportunities: 10 Online Careers Students Can Start From Home

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By Kristina Obodovskiy

For years, the world has been shifting to a more globally connected workforce, but this shift was expedited with COVID-19. First, remote work became a necessity to deal with the pandemic. However, now it seems like online jobs and remote work are here to stay as an option — pandemic or not. Major companies, such as Twitter, Shopify and Slack, have announced that remote work remains a permanent option.¹

If you’re a student graduating into the workforce and looking for a new job, the potential is greater than ever before. Remote work postings mean you’re no longer limited to applying to positions near your city. Instead, you have the opportunity to apply to jobs across the country — and even internationally!

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To help you get started, here are 10 online careers students can start from home.

10 Online Careers Students Can Start From Home

There are many more than just these 10 careers available to students, but this article focuses on the careers that offer great pay and are in high demand. Additionally, many of these jobs don’t require special skills, so if you have a bachelor’s degree, you can qualify to apply.

All you have to do is find the position that seems most interesting to you, fire up your laptop and start applying. With a strong resume, you can get hired in no time at all.

1. Customer Service Representative

Almost every company has customer service representatives to handle calls, chats and emails from customers needing help resolving problems. Experience isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for this role. Each company has its own approach to customer service, so everything you need to know for the job is usually taught during the training.

The average CSR in the United States makes $49,696 per year with the potential for bonuses and commissions.² This job also has growth potential as you can become a customer service manager after you have a few years of experience.

2. Social Media Manager

If you’re a recent college graduate, you’re likely knowledgeable in social media. You can use these skills in an online career as a social media manager, scheduling posts for a company or a person across social media accounts, creating a social strategy and reporting results.

Look for postings for online social media managers, or find your own clients. Local companies may want help with their social presence.

The average annual salary for a social media manager in the United States is $49,248.³ With experience, you may accept a similar role at a large company or start your own social media agency.

3. Writer

In college, you probably improved your writing skills by completing essays and projects. Consider using these skills to your advantage by becoming an online writer.

Some companies hire full-time writers to help their marketing teams, typically as content writers or copywriters. If you prefer to have something less structured, consider pursuing freelance writing roles where you pick up jobs off gigs (i.e., Upwork and Fiverr) or pitch your services to online blogs and companies for single submissions.

The average freelance writer in the United States makes $53,489 annually.⁴ This number varies significantly as you ultimately decide how much work you accept.

4. Virtual Assistant

During your college days, you likely had to juggle classes, homework, possibly a part-time job and extracurricular activities as well as time for friends and family. As a result, you’ve learned how to plan and schedule your days.

A virtual assistant does that for someone else! Virtual assistants help people with administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings, responding to emails, making travel arrangements and making phone calls. You can find dozens of virtual assistant roles available on job sites (Indeed, LinkedIn) or gig sites (Upwork, Fiverr).

Virtual assistants make, on average, $59,386 per year.⁵ If this is a career you enjoy, you may eventually transition into becoming an executive assistant.

5. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is the perfect online job because you need minimal training or supervision. All you need is a computer to get started. As the name implies, a data entry clerk inputs or updates data in a computer system. The job may also involve record-keeping and checking data for errors. This job is perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind repetitive but detailed work.

As a data entry clerk, you can expect to make an average of $35,237 per year in the United States.⁶

6. Online English Teacher

Online English teachers are in high demand, and who better to teach than someone who just graduated from an American college?

You can become an online English teacher through platforms such as VIPKid or iTalki. Most of these platforms don’t require a teaching background. They’re satisfied if you have a bachelor’s degree.

According to VIPKid, U.S. teachers can expect to earn an average of $14 to $18 per hour on its platform.⁷ And, your earning potential is entirely up to you, as you can choose how many classes you pick up.

7. YouTuber

Consider starting your own YouTube channel. Unlike many other online career options on this list, this one requires some initial investment. You need a camera for filming, and you may need to subscribe to a video editing software program.

If you can handle the start-up costs, this career has uncapped potential. If you find your niche and promote your channel effectively, you may become the next big YouTube sensation!

It’s difficult to predict how much you can make from YouTube, but you can receive ad revenue from your YouTube channel, and you may explore additional opportunities, such as sponsorships and affiliate links. A YouTube channel with 100,000 subscribers can make $2,000 per video.⁸

8. Online Tutor

After years of studying, you probably know exactly what it takes to excel at school. One career option is to become an online tutor. You can teach various subjects to kids of all ages — from elementary school to high school and even college. There are a few options when it comes to becoming an online tutor. You can post your services and find clients, or you can work through a platform, such as

A tutor’s average annual salary is $53,897.⁹

9. Sales Representative

Another entry-level online role is the sales representative position. Most companies need sales reps and are willing to take them on with little to no experience. Technology companies are shifting to online postings for sales representative positions.

A sales representative can be the route to a long, thriving career in sales leading you to become an account manager, sales manager, and director or vice president of sales at an organization.

An entry-level sales representative makes around $50,739 per year.¹⁰

10. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is an easy, reliable job you can secure out of college. All you have to do is listen to recordings or videos and transcribe the audio accurately. You can book gigs from sites such as TranscribeMe and Rev, so you can work whenever you want.

How much you earn in the role is dictated by how much work you pick up, but the average annual salary for a transcriptionist in the United States is $38,665.¹¹

Benefits of Working From Home

The benefits of securing an online job straight out of school are clear:

Kristina Obodovskiy


Kristina Obodovskiy is a full-time marketing professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management. Outside of her career, Kristina’s passions include writing, reading, traveling, and being outdoors.


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