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6 Surprising Ways Spring Cleaning Will Improve Your Life

The weather is getting warmer and the season’s about to change – and that means it’s time once again for spring cleaning. Whether you’re a neat freak or a bit of a messy person, spring cleaning is a beneficial practice. Spring cleaning is well worth the effort. It gets your living space spruced up for…

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The Best Vacuums You Can Buy

A well-designed vacuum cleaner is essential for maintaining a clean home. Dirt, filth, dust, and debris wind up in your house every day thanks to you, your pets, and whatever else blows in from the outside world. But choosing a vacuum cleaner is a tough decision. Which vacuum cleaner should you buy, a powerful pick…

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How to Clean Furniture and Kill Invisible Germs

Take a good look at your sofa. If you don’t see any stains or debris, you likely assume it’s spotlessly clean – but don’t be so quick to sit down. There’s a strong possibility that your sofa is covered with germs and bacteria that could land you in the hospital. Though we often only make…

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