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How to Choose a Medicare Plan That Will Give You the Best Coverage

Dealing with health insurance is complicated no matter your age, but it’s especially difficult as you get older. Seniors need to make sure they have enough health coverage to meet their needs. But that can be tricky when you’re trying to decide which Medicare plans can cover your conditions, doctors, and prescriptions. Every senior should…

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Important Medicare Enrollment Dates You Need to Know

For adults age 65 and older, Medicare is a key way to cover the expensive costs that aging brings. However, Medicare is confusing – a UnitedHealthcare¹ survey found that 20 percent of adults don’t know what Medicare covers. And many seniors are confused about making changes to their Medicare coverage. Open enrollment is the only…

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The 5 Details You Need to Know for Open Enrollment

Millions of Americans depend on Medicare and the health insurance plans offered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), for their healthcare coverage. And if you’re a Medicare or ACA subscriber, the most important time of the year is coming: open enrollment. Open enrollment is the only time of year you can make change to your…

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