The 3 Best Timeshare Options of 2018

Timeshares are a popular vacation option for families. A combination of resort property and residence, timeshares allow you to vacation every year at your favorite places. Buy a timeshare, and you’ll have both partial ownership in a vacation property and regular access to a condo or resort, which in turn, provides you with an affordable and dependable option for your vacationing needs. Timeshare units or resort rooms are usually located at popular travel destinations– you can find excellent timeshare choices near theme parks, in the mountains, or by beaches.

While there are literally hundreds of timeshare options to choose from, there are some that are a much better deal, offering a more efficient solution to those using them. When considering a timeshare, you want to make sure that there are certain perks, a degree of flexibility, and other details. A timeshare that combines your favorite vacation destination and the option to relax in comfort is the perfect fit.

Although many people turn away from timeshares because they’re locked into one vacation spot annually, there’s more variety out there than you think! You no longer have to purchase a week or “days” at a single resort or hotel. Nowadays, you can use points. Timeshares that offer points membership, such as those that offer RCI membership, provide greater flexibility and a more diverse opportunity for travel because you can swap your week at your regular resort for a week at a different resort at another location.

Here are a few of the best timeshare options that offer both value and exciting vacation choices for 2018.

1. Disney Vacation Club

If you are a big Disney fan and wouldn’t mind visiting a Disney theme park every year, then you could benefit from Disney Vacation Club timeshare ownership. You get to choose any Disney-owned resort for your vacation, plus you can use the RCI exchange group to trade your week at Disney for a week at another resort anywhere in the world. The RCI exchange allows you to travel on cruises, too, if you need a break from your usual Disney resort property. You also get additional benefits such as discounts on Disney annual passes, merchandise, resort dining, and more.

2. Marriott Vacation Club

You have a variety of ownership options when you go with Marriott Vacation Club. With Marriott ownership, you can have a portion of the unit in some of the most desirable vacation spots around the globe. Another advantage is that you aren’t tied to one specific resort or unit because there is a points program that allows you to travel to a different location any time you vacation. Whether you enjoy the beaches of Hawaii or want to ski the slopes of the Swiss Alps, you can find a Marriott Vacation Club property for absolutely any type of vacation.

3. Hilton Grand Vacations

Offering a wide variety of choices in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, you also get RCI membership which allows you to trade your week at your home resort for a week at a different participating resort. This enables you to experience a greater number of vacation spots around the U.S. and in other countries. Like the Marriott timeshare program, Hilton Grand Vacations allows you to explore not just one resort or one location, but the entire world of Hilton hotels and properties.

Don’t forget about small resorts and lesser-known timeshare chains. The smaller resorts that are competitive with the big brands are a great deal. Some of the better options include Windjammer Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Spinnaker Resorts at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. These both offer great amenities and comfortable accommodations at lower prices.

When you choose the right vacation club, you can enjoy a great vacation year after year. Consider the number of resorts that will be accessible to you. Remember, the more resorts in the network, the better your options. To learn more about the best timeshare options, search below:

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Don’t let your vacation days go to waste – make sure you travel! Only 23% of full-time employees use all of their days off each year, Forbes reports.