The Best Checking Account Promotions to Take Advantage of in 2019

Banks don’t merely want your money – they want your business! This is why banks try to entice you to open a new checking account with special promotions, bonuses, and even offers of free cash. And you shouldn’t let their offers of free money or increased interest go to waste.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these special new checking account promotions. You’ll receive hundreds of dollars, and there are no strings attached–you can choose to keep your account, or accept the free money and move on. It’s the perfect way to make a little extra cash if you’re looking to switch banks or are considering your account options.

Chase Total Checking: $200 New Account Bonus

In 2019, Chase will continue its popular Total Checking promotion: open a Total Checking account with a minimum deposit of $25 and set up a recurring direct deposit. Once the direct deposit is made within 60 days of your account opening date, Chase will give you $200.

HSBC Choice Checking: $200 or More Cash Bonus

Open a Choice Checking account at HSBC Bank and maintain a minimum balance of $1,500 for 90 days (3 months), and you’ll get a bonus of $200. Want more? Open an Advance Checking account, keep a balance of $10,000 for 90 days, and you’ll receive $350. If you truly have a lot of cash laying around, you can open up a Premier Checking account at HSBC, maintain a minimum balance of $100,000 for 90 days, and get a $750 bonus deposited into your account.

Capital One 360 Checking: Up to $400 Bonus

Open a Capital One 360 Checking account and make a $1,000 initial deposit. That’s it– you just need to wait about 6 to 8 weeks to receive a $200 bonus. You can get another $200 in free cash if you open another account, the Capital One 360 Money Market account. This high-yield, interest-earning checking account also requires a $1,000 initial deposit, but it will bring your promotional perks to $400 total.

Key Bank Checking Account: $400 Direct Deposit Bonus

One of the most lucrative bonuses in the world of banking comes from Key Bank. Open a new checking account at any local branch and apply or mention the special offer code (RETK1117) during the transaction. Once you’re set up, make at least one direct deposit of at least $500 within your first 60 days (2 months) with Key Bank. This will earn you $400 for free–no strings attached.

Get More Out of Your Bank and Checking Account

As 2019 gets started, increase your cash flow by capitalizing on bank bonuses, freebies, and incentives. Open a new checking account, and you can reap a reward totaling hundreds of dollars. If you’re interested in receiving one of these promotions, start a search today.


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