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The Best Credit Cards to Sign Up For, Regardless of Your Credit Score

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By Chelsea Dolan

Getting accepted for a new credit card can be hard to come by when you have a poor credit score. In fact, CNBC reports that nearly one in five millennials were denied a credit card in 2020. This is due to high standards required by lenders, making it a lot more difficult to qualify for new cards.1 While most credit companies are choosy when it comes to new cardholders, others design their cards to specifically help individuals rebuild their credit. Find out how these types of programs work with an online search.

Avoid a rejection for your next credit card application by choosing the right card. Search online to find out which companies don’t care about your credit score.

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Here are some of the best credit cards for people with low credit.

Aspire Mastercard

If your credit score is less than perfect, then you may want to apply to the Aspire Mastercard. This card accepts people with all levels of creditworthiness.

You could pre-qualify right now and get a credit limit of up to $1,000. There’s also some nice perks to signing up for this unsecured credit card.

Cardholders will receive three percent cash back every time you make a purchase on gas, groceries, and utilities. On all other eligible purchases, you will receive one percent cash back. The best part is there are no limits on these rewards. Every transaction can potentially give you up to three percent cash back every single time.

Interested applicants can also pre-qualify without worrying about it impacting their credit score even more. Just request a card online and quickly find out whether you’re accepted. Plus, there are no program fees or initial deposit needed to open an account, making it easier for people to afford a new credit card.

Aspire Mastercard can access their account online and on mobile devices. You can receive transaction alerts, free credit score, and periodic credit increase reviews. There’s also $0 fraud liability and other benefits to discover with a search online.2

Chime Credit Builder Visa Card

Get your credit score back on track with the Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card. Since this card has no credit limit, you are able to move whatever you can afford into the account. That number becomes your credit limit, allowing you to decide how much and how often you use it to spend.

For example, you can start by adding $200 into the credit account. That $200 becomes your limit once you start spending money. Then, that money pays off any purchases, which ensures your credit payments are always covered.

This secured card is an easy way to turn your credit score around. Chime will report your regular on-time payments to major credit bureaus to help boost your score over time. Moreover, the card is accepted everywhere Visa is, so you can use it on everyday purchases to build a responsible credit history.

Chime’s Credit Builder Visa does not require a hard credit check to apply. There are no annual, maintenance or international fees to worry about either. Better yet, there is no interest. Considering your balances are paid off every month and high utilization won’t hurt your credit score, you can feel confident making everyday purchases.3

Petal 2 Visa Card

Qualify for a $500 to $10,000 credit limit with the Petal 2 Visa Card. This card is designed to help those with poor credit improve their score. It allows you to spend responsibly by setting a monthly budget and easily calculate exactly how much interest you will owe based on what you pay.

Cardholders can take advantage of their spending with cash back perks. You can receive one percent cash back right away and earn up to 1.5 percent cash back when you pay on time. You can also earn between two and 10 percent cash back at select local merchants.

This card has no annual or international fees. Petal reports to three major bureaus and helps increase your creditworthiness. Furthermore, cardholders are able to freeze their card at any time and can view their card activity through the Petal app.4

Compare More Credit Cards Online

Getting a new credit can be difficult for people with poor credit history. Fortunately, there are lenders that won’t reject you due to a low credit score. They will even help you rebuild your credit over time and set you up for a better financial future.

There are different credit cards to consider depending on your needs. For instance, you can choose a card with zero fees and low interest. Some cards may also offer cash back perks with every purchase. Whatever you’re looking for, make sure to compare your options in choosing one that’s best for you.

Chelsea Dolan



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