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Top 10 Job Opportunities in Australia for Immigrants

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By Chelsea Dolan

The job hunt can be a difficult process, especially when you’re an immigrant applying to positions in a new country. Australia is one country that has a great demand for skilled workers. Alternatively, there are also non-skilled positions that you can apply to as long as you obtain the proper work visa or permit. You can start applying to positions by searching online for job advertising websites.

There’s a job out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for seniors jobs, remote jobs, warehouse jobs and beyond, you can apply to positions in Australia with a quick online search.

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Here are some of the top job opportunities in Australia for immigrants.


Australia has a huge demand for registered nurses. A report from the Health Workforce Australia says there will be a gap of approximately 85,000 nurses by 2025.¹ You can apply to nursing jobs in several different fields such as care for the elderly, mental health, critical care settings, and newborn intensive care units.²

Those who are qualified as a nurse internationally can qualify to work in Australia by obtaining the proper documentation.³ You will need to be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and need to apply for a visa to legally work in the country.


Another job title that promises strong future growth is accounting.⁴ Accountants do everything from financial reporting to auditing to cost management and beyond, making it a necessary position for just about every business that exists.

Remote jobs in accounting may also be an option depending on the companies you apply for. The Global Accounting Network says international accountants can apply for the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa, which is ideal for people wanting to stay in the country for a decent amount of time.⁵

Software and Application Programmers

If you’re skilled in anything tech, then you’re in good luck. There are plenty of tech jobs you can land in Australia. According to Education and Migration Services Australia, there is major demand for software and application programmers specifically.

These professionals are responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining document program code required by the employer. The Australian government says those with the right background can earn over $2,000 in weekly pay and promises very strong future growth compared to other occupations.⁶

Au Pair

Immigrants can apply previous babysitting and childcare experience by becoming an Au Pair.⁷ This job involves living with a host family to care for children. One perk is that you’re typically given a room at the family’s home, meals provided, and pocket money.

This job is perfect for young people looking to make a big move to Australia and getting acquainted with the country. Since being an Au Pair isn’t usually a permanent role to take on, you can use the experience to start applying for salary jobs in nannying or other positions related to childcare.


If you’re a skilled labourer that can work in construction zones, then you can find a place to work in Australia. Business Insider reports that tradespeople are some of the most sought after workers in the country and account for 35 percent of the labour shortage.⁸

Immigrants won’t have a difficult time finding construction work in most parts of the country. Workers in specific niches, such as carpenters and plumbers, are especially in demand. In addition to skilled labour jobs, some construction sites may also offer no experience jobs to non-skilled labourers.


Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining and evaluating records of financial transactions. At some places, they may also have to learn to use computerised accounting systems. These workers are needed in all types of industries and have seen moderate growth in recent years.⁹

Being a bookkeeper is one of the better senior jobs available to older workers. You often don’t need to have any formal qualifications and can rely on transferable skills from previous work experience to be a proficient bookkeeper. Plus, some employers may allow you to work from home.


Qualified electricians won’t have a hard time finding a job after making the move to Australia. Employment for this particular trade is expected to grow strongly over the next five years. You could join a workforce of over 169,000 people and make a weekly pay of $1,823.¹⁰

Electricians are responsible for assembling, repairing, and installing electrical networks. They need a certificate III in electrotechnology, which can usually be completed as part of an apprenticeship for those just entering the field.


Schools and educational institutions across Australia are looking for teachers to accommodate the increasing number of students. Primary, secondary and special education teachers can expect to see moderate job growth over the next five years.¹¹

Teachers currently certified in their home country can have their qualifications reviewed by the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership. It will be comparable to four years of full-time higher education. Some may also be required to take a refresher course or training program that’s specific to the location you wish to be employed.¹²

Commercial Cleaner

Cleaning jobs are a great job for immigrants because most often, it requires little to no experience. You can receive on-the-job training and begin earning a living in no time at all. says many entry-level cleaning positions start at $49,710. On the higher end of the spectrum, experienced workers can earn up to $67,767.¹³

One option is to become a commercial cleaner. These workers are responsible for using heavy cleaning equipment in places such as offices, schools, hospitals, and other locations.

Motor Mechanics

Another sector that Australia is lacking in workers is automotive repair and maintenance. Due to the increasing number of jobs and turnover from workers leaving, motor mechanics is expected to have a sufficient number of job openings over the coming years.

Formal education isn’t a necessity for this field of work. Many people can get on-the-job training or apply their existing job experience to jobs related to automotive retail, service and repair industry.¹⁴ This can vary depending on the employer and what skills you bring to the table.

Getting a Work VISA or Permit

There are several different ways people can immigrate to Australia and qualify for employment. For instance, you can find out if your current job experience qualifies you for the skilled occupation list.¹⁵ You could be qualified to work or train in certain jobs across many fields like trades, teaching, nursing, and more.

The following visas are just some of the ones available to qualified individuals:

Working Holiday Visa

Another potential option is to go for a short stay work visa, also known as a working holiday visa. This visa allows young people aged 18 to 30 years old to have an extended stay in Australia for up to 12 months. All you need is an eligible passport and not be accompanied by dependent children.

Some other visas and pathways that international workers can look into include:¹⁶

Chelsea Dolan



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