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Top Winter Tires for 2022

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By Christopher Brown

They’re winter driving essentials that help you stop faster, and give you more control in the cold. Still, millions of Americans neglect their need for winter tires and tough it out with all seasons instead. Don’t be one of them.

Instead, invest in a quality set of winter tires and take control of your winter commute. Today, we’re going to dive into the science of winter tires, and share some of the best value winter tires in the game right now. Stop sliding and start stopping with the top winter tires for 2022


The Importance of Winter Tires

The tires on your car might read all-season but nothing handles the cold, wet, and slippery surfaces of winter like winter tires. Winter tires use different tread patterns and specially formulated chemical compounds to create a rubber that maintains flexibility in cold weather.1

On the other hand, all-season tires tend to stiffen in the cold, which inhibits their ability to stop, accelerate, and turn even when the roads are clear of ice and snow. Invest in your peace of mind and personal safety with a set of winter tires. And don’t forget to tell your insurer, as many providers offer rate discounts to those that install winter tires on their vehicle.2

Top Winter Tires for 2022

The peace of mind, increased performance, and potential car insurance savings should be more than enough to point you towards a local winter tire retailer. But, as with anything, it’s always better when you know what you’re looking for.

Below, you’ll find the top five winter tires on the market, a bit about what makes them great, and how much you should expect to pay for them.

Michelin X-ICE Snow

Michelin’s flagship winter tire, the X-ICE Snow performs exceptionally well in snowy conditions. Though its performance in dry conditions doesn’t quite match that of some of its competitors, the Michelin X-ICE Snow is ideal for those that plan on regular encounters with icy and snowy conditions.3 They start at $129.99 each, and should be easy to find locally or online.4

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Available for those that drive sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers, Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 tires deliver better steering, better traction on ice, and reduced braking distances over last year’s award winning model. They start at $102 a tire, but can cost as much as $249 each depending on the size.5

General AltiMAX Arctic 12

Tire Rack ranks the General AltiMAX Arctic 12 among the best studdable snow tires on the market today.6 The tires use a combination of angled grooves and lateral notches to resist hydroplaning and deliver sustained traction in ice and snow. They’re a great value option too. General AltiMAX Arctic 12 tires start at just $116.99 each. It’s no wonder they remain such a popular choice year after year.

Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra

WinterCommand Ultra tires are the best Goodyear winters money can buy. They’re praised for their ability to deliver class-leading comfort and a quiet ride, without sacrificing cold weather performance.7 For a precise cost, you’ll need to input your vehicle data, but Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra tires start at $130 each, with prices topping out at $228.8

Cooper Evolution Winter

Cooper Evolution Winter tires are severe weather-rated and fully studdable. Translation, they’re equipped to handle the toughest conditions winter can throw at you. They’re highly rated by both the critics and buyers, with both groups praising their comfort, cost and reliability. Cooper Evolution Winter Studdable Tires start at just $96, but can cost as much as $240.9

How to Save on Winter Tires

Planning ahead could help you save big on a brand new set of winter tires. By shopping year round, you could cash in on any off-season tire incentives and rebates. The springtime brings lots of opportunities to save, so be patient, learn about the prices, and be ready to pounce when the right deal presents itself.

If you’re buying or leasing a new vehicle, you could always push them to throw in a set of winter tires. Either way, we recommend buying tires with rims, to save on installation time and cost, and to maximize the life of the tires.

Winter Safety First

Tires play a central role in your vehicle’s safety system. They mean even more in the wintertime. Still, winter driving requires a different approach. Keep an eye on the weather and stay off the roads in extreme weather conditions. Drive slower and with more caution when you do head out. Build or buy a roadside emergency kit and keep it in the trunk just to be on the safe side.

Preparation is about driving with confidence. Investing in top-tier winter tires helps your vehicle stay on the road, and lets you focus on other things. So arm your car with the tools it needs to survive another winter, and eliminate the stress of snowy commutes.

Christopher Brown



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