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10 Ways to Make Homework Fun for Your Kids

3 minute read

By natadm

After a full day of reading, writing, math and trying to sit still in a chair, sometimes the last thing a child wants to do is come home and do homework. Why does homework time have to be such a chore for both children and their parents?

With these 10 tips, maybe it doesn’t have to be.

10. Dedicated Homework Area

While most kids tend to do their homework in their bedrooms or at the kitchen table, these places tend to create plenty of distractions.

Try and create a “homework” zone somewhere in your house that is well lit, quiet, and has plenty of table space for your child/children to work. Ensure it has all the supplies they need are organized and easily accessible. If possible, add in some bookshelves where they can place things on or inspirational and fun pictures for them to look at while they are working away.

There’s a reason why techy giants like Microsoft and Google offer some incredible workspaces to staff. That’s because it increases productivity!

9. Set a Timer

Sometimes the hardest part is simply getting motivated to start. Really, who wants to dive into piles of homework when procrastination is so much easier?

With that said, setting a timer for each subject can make things fun. Plus, it offers a breather break once it is done.

Besides, kids just love “beat the clock” games, so why not incorporate this idea when it comes to homework?

8. Ensure There’s a Routine

There’s nothing more kid’s love than a solid routine. In fact, children thrive on them. So, if possible, ensure your child’s homework is done on the same day(s) and time weekly.

Most importantly, be consistent about it!

7. Fun Snacks

A child can’t learn on an empty stomach. In fact, if homework time happens to be right after school, before dinner, or before bedtime, ensure to offer a fun healthy snack for them while they work away.

6. Add in Some Tunes

While music may not always be possible during homework time, if there is an opportunity to add in some tunes while working away, then why not?

For younger children, music may also be able to help them with their homework. For instance, music can help with learning colors, the alphabet, and shapes.

5. Stay with Them

While there’s plenty to do around the house, sitting down with your children as they are working away offers them a sense of comradery. While you don’t want to give your children answers or do their homework for them, being at the table makes you easier to approach for guidance.

So, grab your favorite book, work on the household budget, or pay some bills on the laptop. You can still be productive while offering homework support to your kids.

4. Study Dates

Speaking of comradery, there’s nothing more fun than working on homework with your favorite buddy. Having said that, ensure the friend they invite over doesn’t offer too much of distraction to the task at hand.

3. Rewards

A little reward after homework time can be a huge motivator for kids. Whether it’s stickers on a chart, some television time, or the opportunity to play outside with friends, your kids will look forward to zipping through their homework to get to what’s next.

2. Learning Apps

It’s all about apps these days and guess what? There are a ton of educational ones for kids to help make learning fun!

An app might be especially helpful for those subjects that your child may be having issues with or ones you can’t personally help them with.

1. Be Positive, Stay Positive

Encourage your kids to stay on track with homework by being and remaining positive about school. Place assignments or tests that they’ve done well with on the fridge, offer encouragement, and talk about homework milestones they have accomplished with friends and family.


While homework can be a struggle for parents and kids alike — some more than others — creating an environment where homework can be fun will make all the difference. At the end of the day, it will be beneficial for your child, their grades, and your sanity.




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