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What Are the Most Expensive Stadiums in the World?

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By Christopher Brown

The world loves live sports. It’s a universal truth that traces back to the origins of civilization. Names on the back of jerseys may change, but the desire to witness sports history persists. Suffice it to say that live sports is an incredibly big business.

You can’t attract hordes of enthusiastic supporters without a place to put them. The previous decades have seen the construction of some of the largest, most sophisticated, and most expensive sports stadiums ever constructed. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the top ten.

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Optus Stadium

Cost: $1 billion1

The only cricket stadium on today’s list of the world’s most expensive stadiums totaled over a billion and a half dollars and can be found in the beautiful city of Perth in Australia. The technologically advanced, artfully designed stadium opened its doors in 2018 to much fanfare.

The building and property are owned by the Government of Western Australia, boasts a capacity of over 60,000 spectators, and is home to six professional sports franchises, including the West Coast Eagles, the Perth Scorchers, as well as Australia’s National Cricket Team.

Singapore National Stadium

Cost: $1.31 billion2

The Singapore National Stadium in Kallang opened its doors in 2014 and stands as the ninth most expensive stadium in the world. With a capacity of 55,000 seats it’s big too. The technological marvel has a retractable roof and retractable stands, and hosts the national soccer team as well as countless cultural events throughout the year.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Cost: $1.33 billion

Home to the popular Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was erected in 2019 and has its very own microbrewery, as well as a fully retractable pitch that’s built to be able to accommodate just about every sport or event in the world. The stadium is among the largest stadiums in the Premier League with a capacity of 62,850.3

AT&T Stadium

Cost: $1.48 billion

Home to the Dallas Cowboys, the gargantuan AT&T Stadium is large enough to accommodate 100,000 screaming fans. It was built in 2009, and still stands as one of the most impressive buildings in the NFL.

The pride of Arlington, Texas has played host to a wide variety of marquee concerts and events including the 2010 NBA All-Star Game, the Super Bowl XLV in 2011, and more.4

Yankee Stadium

Cost: $1.5 billion

As sad as it was to see the original Yankee Stadium get torn down, the $1.5 billion dollar replacement is a darn good consolation prize. The new Yankee Stadium kept the history, field layout, and manually operated scoreboards of the original, but upgraded just about everything else.5

The state of the art stadium was opened to the public in 2009, and houses the New York Yankees Museum, a steakhouse called NYY Steak, a Hard Rock Cafe, a world class clubhouse, and room for 54,251 spectators.

Wembley Stadium

Cost: $1.5 billion

The second largest stadium in Europe has a capacity of 90,000 and features a sliding roof that’s never completely closed. This iteration of Wembley Stadium replaced the 1923 version which was demolished in 2007.

The building’s primary team is the English national football team, but it’s hosted all sorts of events since it opened its doors in 2007. Of the most notable events to grace the New Wembley pitch, the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final are notable standouts.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Cost: $1.5 billion

Mercedes-Benz Stadium played host to the Super Bowl in 2019 just two years after its doors opened for the very first time. Replacing the Georgia Superdome as the home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia can host 81,000 spectators per event. The world-class entertainment facility is truly a sight to behold, and is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Atlanta.6

MetLife Stadium

Cost: $1.7 billion

Home of the New York Jets and the New York Football Giants, MetLife stadium has been named “Highest Grossing Stadium of the Year” 9-times in a row by Billboard. Which is a good thing when you consider how expensive the stadium was to build.7

Located in New Jersey’s East Rutherford, MetLife boasts an 82,500 football and soccer seating capacity and room for 50,000 concertgoers. The facility features four massive HD video displays, a 360 degree ribbon board circling the entire bowl, and over 2,100 HD monitors throughout the stadium.

Allegiant Stadium

Cost: $1.9 billion

Allegiant Stadium delivers the quintessential Vegas glitz and glamor most expect to see in a stadium built adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The stadium was completed in 2020, just in time to welcome the Las Vegas Raiders.8

It’s a climate controlled facility that seats 65,000 spectators. The Al Davis Memorial Torch is one of many memorable sights that includes 75,000 square feet of video boards, 95,000 square feet of event space, and over 2,200 TV’s.

SoFi Stadium

Cost: $5.5 billion

SoFi Stadium is the NFL’s shiniest new toy. It’s the league’s most expensive one too. The brand new facility was completed in 2020, and holds the title as the largest football stadium in the entire league, with an expandable seating capacity that maxes out at 100,240.9

SoFi was built in Inglewood, California on the former site of the Hollywood Park Racetrack and is home to both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. Among the long list of technological advancements, SoFi is world famous for its roof that doubles as an LED screen, its open concept sides, its gigantic suspended video screen, and field level seats.

Full Time!

There you have it, the ten most expensive sports stadiums ever built! Though most of us will never even meet a billionaire in real life, for a couple of bucks you and your family can indulge in a billion-dollar stadium experience. And what an experience it is!

Retractable roofs, state of the art tech, unblemished sightlines and concessions to satisfy every craving, these stadiums possess the flash and function to attract millions of people a year. But don’t take our word for it! Purchase a ticket and experience the luxurious world of sport for yourself.

Christopher Brown



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