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Why Drivers Choose Subaru SUVs

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By Andrew Silver

Be it style, status, value, or enjoyment, there are a variety of reasons behind people’s purchasing decisions. But ask a Subaru SUV driver the rationale behind their investment and the responses will sound eerily similar. Another thing Subaru owner’s share is their loyalty to the brand. In the year 2020, Subaru was number two in brand loyalty, with 67.8 percent of owners deciding to replace their old Subaru with another Subaru.1

The Subaru Corporation began building cars way back in 19532, and they’re legacy continues with a stellar fleet of 2021 SUVs. Prospective SUV customers are sure to find something to love when deciding between the Ascent, Crosstrek, Forester, and Outback.

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But why are Subaru drivers so loyal?

Why Drive a Subaru?


When shopping for a brand-new SUV, cost is paramount. While the price tag isn’t the only thing that matters, it’s usually the first variable to be considered. It is plastered on the windshield after all. But how do Subaru SUV’s stack up against the competition?

Depending on the trim and model. Subaru SUVs often start in the mid $40,000 range. But what sets Subaru apart is the build quality and the cost of maintenance. Subaru has fewer models than most of the other leading car brands, which does drive up the cost of spare parts and hamper their availability. However, staying on top of maintenance and relying on professional mechanics will save you money in the long run.3


One of Subaru’s more popular selling features is the company’s reliance on the revolutionary Boxer Engine. This decision was made with reliability in mind. Boxer engines are perfectly balanced, leading to more power, a smoother ride, a lower center of gravity, and increased safety.

Subaru SUVs offer better performance and are a longer-lasting alternative to their competitors. If you’re not shy about taking your car in for routine maintenance, then your Subaru SUV will prove to be a reliable addition to your family of vehicles.4


The Subaru Forester is often called “the toughest car on the road.” Part of that is due to the reliability of the boxer engine. Part of that is owed to Subaru’s insistence on high-quality parts.

Everything — including the transmission, engine, brakes, and suspension — is built to handle anything from highway excursions to off-roading adventures.5

Eco Friendly

Driving a Subaru perfectly pairs with living an eco-friendly life. And that’s not just fancy marketing. Subaru has been leading the environmental charge for decades.

Subaru’s plants haven’t sent any waste to landfills since 2004, instead recycling or converting it into electricity. The company also has a storied history of partnering with green organizations like United by Blue and Five Rivers MetroParks.

Moreover, Subaru has been offering certified Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles since 2003, which is all the more reason to feel good about buying a Subaru SUV.6

How to Find the Best Prices

Getting a good price on a new or used Subaru SUV may take a little bit of planning. Getting a good deal could mean waiting a few extra days in order to get the best price for your trade in, choosing a less popular model, or opting to lease for a year.7

There are other ways to knock a price tag down too. You could pay cash, side-step the extras, or play dealerships against one another. You may be able to swing a discount from the comfort of your home office by calling the dealership’s internet sales or fleet sales department.8

Stay organized, write down all of your quotes, and keep persistently chipping away at that sticker price. But remember, even if you can’t get the price down to where you want it, Subaru SUVs do provide owners with a lot of long-term value.

Current Available Deals

Research, comparison shopping, and visiting local dealers pays off. But don’t take our word for it. Some Subaru dealerships offer a rather generous price-match guarantee.9 If you find a better price on a comparable Subaru model, these dealers will match the price or give you a $300 gift card to their service department.10

Finding the latest deals really is as simple as browsing the special offers section of Subaru’s website. Right now, Subaru is offering:


Buying a Subaru SUV is about way more than aesthetics, though they sure do look great. The premium parts, signature boxer engine, smooth ride, and competitive price tags make Subaru a no-brainer for SUV lovers all over North America.

Whatever you’re looking for in an SUV, you’re sure to find a Subaru that is ready to deliver.

Andrew Silver



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