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Have You Fallen for These Bad Pieces of Advice?

The Internet is an amazing thing. Not only has it democratized information like never before, but it contains the answers to just about any question you can think of. Unfortunately, that wealth of knowledge is a double-edged sword, since not all those answers are good, intelligent, or accurate. When it comes to health advice, there…

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The Best Convertibles to Enjoy the Summer Sun

With the summer weather in full effect, now is the time to have some fun. Like so many other people, you’re probably looking to take an exciting road trip. There is no better vehicle for a road trip than a convertible. To help, we highlighted six convertibles that are perfect for summer driving. Shutterstock 1.…

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The 10 Worst Places to Retire

While retirement is often associated with a peaceful and enjoyable way to live your post-work life, the transition can sometimes be stressful. You need to think about your pension, health, any lingering debts, and — most importantly — where you’re going to live. When looking for a place to retire, you have to take into…

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9 PC Games to Play with the Kids

There is nothing like gathering everyone in your household for an organized family video game night. These events can promote bonding time, create traditions and memories, reduce stress, and help your kiddos to learn important skills such as communication, problem-solving, and social skills. A video games family night will not only offer you quality time…

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Is Antivirus Software Really Worth Its Cost?

Ever since computers became an important piece of technology in every home and workplace, viruses have also become common. Computer viruses, which are also known as malware, can infect your computer when you open an email or click on an internet ad. And once you get a virus, it can cause serious problems. Today, there…

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8 Important Things You Should Know About Ticks


There are lots of areas around the United States that are home to ticks. If you live in these areas, the precautions have probably been drilled into you since childhood. If you’ve never been bitten, it’s easy to brush off your parents’ warnings and put yourself at risk. However, it’s important to stay vigilant, so…

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